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Ebac Dehumidifiers - Combat Excess Moisture


"1 in 5 homes in England suffer dampness, condensation and mould growth..."


Condensation is the process whereby water vapour in the atmosphere is returned to its original liquid state. When moisture in this form of occurs indoors, problems such as damp and mould area caused, which aggravate allergies and ailments such as Arthritis. Although such conditions are easily treated using dehumidifiers, the problem is not uncommon.


According to the Energy Saving Trustsí 2006 report, 1 in 5 homes in England suffer with dampness, condensation and mould growth. All buildings can be susceptible to some form of moisture retention, and the advent of modern appliances coupled with modern building techniques, has resulted in the production of a great deal more moisture. The weather also plays a part in causing condensation, making it important you opt for a dehumidifier specifically designed for the climate you live in.


Condensation on surfaces often goes unnoticed until eventually mildew or black mould spots appear, by which time interstitial condensation may have caused lasting and expensive damage. Symptoms of excess moisture around the house such as damp, mould or musty smells can be rendered after a week of using a dehumidifier. Depending on level of damage, the area should have dried out, ready for any cosmetic damage to be repaired. Continuing using the dehumidifier will prevent problems reoccurring.


Simply increasing the indoor temperature does not alleviate the problem long term, and is costly and energy intensive. Ebac dehumidifiers are the most energy efficient on the market, saving you money on the costs associated with rendering structural or cosmetic damage caused by condensation and damp.


Domestic dehumidifiers are available for all types of homes and all budgets, whilst portable dehumidifiers can be used to target specific problem areas in the home. Our buyer's guide enables you to select right dehumidifier for you with the product selector and product comparison functions.


The problem with excessive amounts of moisture indoors is not limited to domestic buildings. Offices and commercial units can incur damage to expensive technological equipment, software and machinery. For this reason, Ebac offers larger dehumidifiers (commercial dehumidifiers), suitable for commercial use.