Why use a heat pump?

Not only do our heat pumps reduce your fuel bills and save you money, they reduce your carbon footprint. Our heat pumps are the perfect energy solution for many properties, especially off gas households.

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Why Ebac?

Ebac are world leaders in the design and manufacture of heat exchange products. Our heat pumps are designed for the British climate, so all operations are proudly based in Britain.

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Is it right for me?

Lifestyle, house type and location are all factors in making the decision to switch to renewable energy. Our heat pumps could be the right choice for your household.

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Installing a Heat Pump

Installation of an Ebac heat pump is simple and hassle-free. Our specialised installers are Ebac accredited and on hand to ensure the switch to renewable energy is as comfortable as possible.

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Key benefits

Made in the UK, for the UK

Made in Britain, for Britain

Our design and manufacture operations are firmly rooted in Britain. Engineered specifically for the British climate, our heat pumps are optimised to work best in the UK. For 40 years we have supported the British economy and its workforce.

Customer service & support

service & support

Purchasing a heat pump is a big decision so we are here to help. From selecting an installer to government incentives, our team offer advice and peace of mind.

Remote access calibration

Unique Customisation

Whether you want to match your heat pump to the colour of your house or for it to blend in with its surroundings, we do our best to make your pump part of your home.

Ebac Expertise

We've led the way in UK manufacture and product development for decades, spanning multiple sectors...

About Ebac

Pioneers in Heat Pump technology

What our Customers say

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I live in a detached house, where gas central heating is not available, and it was always costly to keep it comfortably warm. Now I rarely think about the temperature as the rooms are always warm enough.

Cathy Ferguson, Consett.

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Location, house type and size all determine the kind of heat pump that your household could benefit from.

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Incentives ›

Renewable energy is high on the Government's agenda so there are a selection of grants, incentives and schemes available to help towards the costs of installing greener energy products.

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Our company success is built on a dedication to quality and innovation in all areas, from manufacturing and design to HR and customer support. These values shape and define Ebac and its continued commitment to customer needs and quality performance.

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