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  • EBAC 2650e

    Get the Smart Control advantage

    The 2650e is a more economical dehumidifier that also has Smart Control. Smart Control automatically learns about your home and adapts the extraction rate. This educes running costs by around 30%.

    Adaptive extraction

    Smart Control’s adaptive extraction rate, efficient airflow and heat exchange technology ensures the ideal amount of water is removed.

    Guaranteed to solve all problems

    Removes exactly the right amount of moisture to stop and prevent damp and condensation problems in all UK homes.

    Enclosed & integrated container

    Large capacity 3.5l water container that’s fully enclosed to prevent spillage and neatly hidden from view in its own compartment.

    Suitable for 4 people, 4 bedroom homes

    Will resolve any issues speedily in any size of home and families up to 4 people and 4 bedroom homes.


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