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In 1972 Ebac founder John Elliott saw an opportunity to improve the design, performance and efficiency of dehumidifiers that were imported from the USA.
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John, as an engineer, with expertise in refrigeration first began manufacturing industrial dehumidifiers that were more powerful, yet consumed less energy and were more robust.

And so Ebac was born.

John Elliott started Ebac with one fundamental philosophy.

Understand your customers and then engineer innovative products which meet their needs better than anyone else in the market.

By 1979, John had identified the potential for dehumidifiers in the home. Most homes in the UK experience condensation and damp in the winter. A dehumidifier is the best and most natural way to eliminate these problems. But the only dehumidifiers available were imported from the Far East and these were designed to operate at high temperatures and humidities.

By 1980, John had invented the UK’s first dehumidifier which was specifically designed to operate in the UK climate of lower temperatures and humidities.

By 1985, Ebac had become the best selling dehumidifier in the UK and was exporting to most countries throughout Europe.

John went on to design and supply a range of military dehumidifiers for the British Army which were used to keep equipment dry during both Gulf Wars. He branched out into air conditioning and developed specialist air conditioners for the London Underground and East Coast Trains. Ebac dehumidifiers were also used to dry out the Channel Tunnel during construction, Royal Doulton pottery and Rowntrees confectionery. 

44 years later – Ebac remains the number one best selling dehumidifier in the UK and has gone on to develop patented Smart Control, the top loading water container, intelligent Defrost and many other features.

Ebac also manufacture a range of bottled and filtered water coolers. John Elliott’s passion for innovation and engineering have made Ebac the best selling water coolers in Europe. Key customers include Nestle, Danone, Elis, PHS and Coca Cola.

Ebac is continuing its journey to design, innovate and manufacture products which exceed customers expectations. Ebac have designed a range of washing machines and will be the only washing machine manufacturer in the UK. Ebac washing machines have a range of unique features including Hot Fill, Precision Load Sensors and My Wash.

The story so far...

British Flag

Ebac is founded when John Elliott takes an order to build industrial dehumidifiers suited to the UK climate


Ebac develops its first timber dryer

Timber Dryer
£1 million

The business reaches £1m turnover for the first time


Ebac designs and manufactures a domestic dehumidifier designed especially for the UK climate

Domestic Dehumidifier
Ebac Industrial Dehumidifier

Ebac Industrial Products Division formed


Ebac Ltd begins operations in USA

USA Flag
John Elliott

Owner and CEO John Elliott receives an MBE for Services to Small Business


Ebac enters the European Water cooler market


Ebac launches the patented WaterTrail™ system for Water cooler sanitisation


Ebac launches patented Intelligent Defrost system for dehumidifiers

Smart defrost
Industrial Underground

Ebac Industrial Products designs air conditioning for the London Underground Jubilee Line


Ebac Group Ltd is formed. The Group opens offices in France and Germany

Ebac Ltd
Smart Control

Ebac Ltd launches the patented Smart™ Control system for dehumidifiers


Ebac signs 6-year deal with Nestle Waters to become its sole supplier of Water coolers in Europe. Ebac develops SlimCool, a floor-standing Water cooler designed for home use


The 500,000th Emax Water cooler rolls off the production line, the most popular product in Ebac’s history


FMax is launched, the most complete Watercooler design ever. Spanish based Water business Fuente Isabel, continues to grow substantially


Ebac announces the FMAX POU which utilises a ground-breaking new Direct Dispense system which has a 98% reduced chance of micro biological contamination


Ebac launches a new logistics management system, aimed at simplifying the administration of customer transactions and driving down operating costs for cooler companies

Logistics Management System
New Factory

Ebac moves to larger premises and a new factory in Newton Aycliffe


Ebac launches the Fleet Watercooler featuring Direct chill, Ice bank technology and our revolutionary Direct Dispense system creating the Fleet Direct Dispense

Fleet Watercooler
Ebac Foundation

John Elliott creates the Ebac Foundation. The Foundation provides a structure that will mean profits are reinvested back into the company for growth purposes and any surplus can be used to benefit the local community


Ebac launch the first UK designed and manufactured Washing Machine for over 40 years.

Washing Machine
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