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Are You Overwashing Your Clothes?

The short answer? YES!

How YOU care for clothes has a significant impact on how long they last which doesn’t just impact YOUR clothes but the environment too.

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According to Fashion Revolution, as much as 25% of each garment's carbon footprint comes from how we care for it...*

And 90% of our clothing ends up in landfill long before it should, because overwashing has caused colour fading, shrinkage and misshaping.

Here at Ebac, we took the decision to design a Washing Machine that best suited YOU and YOUR needs, not to meet the out of touch consumer advice tests that end up costing YOU more!

To prove this, we tested our Ebac Washing Machine to the most popular brands and models on the market. From consumption to overwashing we tried and tested just that, and these are our results.

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Twice As Quick To Wash

Faster Washes, Less Fuss

From the test results, it was clear that our Ebac Washing Machine matched, if not beat, the cleaning performance and was considerably faster than the LG and Samsung Washing Machines. We don’t just reduce the programme times but get the same spotless clean clothes too! This means we save time, power and water.

Half Your Energy

The Right Approach To Greener Manufacturing

At Ebac, when we started to design our Washing Machines, the first thing we did was to fully understand what was important for our customers. To assist in this process we did a teardown of all leading Washing Machine brands to see what each did and how we could learn from them. However, what became apparent, after looking at their programmes and software, was that almost all were designed to pass tests from consumer groups like Which? and not for the environment or people using it.

This is proven when our Ebac Washing Machine got a 5 star for energy efficiency and LG and Samsung both got a 3 star.

More Than 40 Litres Less Water

Less Is More

When it comes to the Which? Test, a huge emphasis is put on how well each machine deals with stains, extreme stains for that matter such as blood, oil and rust. But, the truth of the matter is, wash loads don’t include severe stains and if they do, the best thing is to treat them outside of the wash with a good stain remover! There comes a point in each wash where clothes cannot become any cleaner and therefore end up overwashing as a result. This means an unnecessary amount of wear on your clothes, water usage and energy usage per wash!

Ebac Washing Machines actually received a higher rating for energy and water consumption than any of their 81 best buys!

It’s time to change how we care for our clothes – stop overwashing.

Ebac’s constant strive for innovation means our Washing Machines keep resource to a minimum that doesn’t just ensure an exceptional clean but efficient operation.
Don’t believe us?

See for YOURSELF with our MONEY BACK guarantee. If YOU are not satisfied with our Washing Machine, YOU will get a full refund.

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*The Fashion Revolution

Need Some Advice?

Find out everything you need to know and about Ebac washing machines with our washing machine advice page.

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