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3 Families Tell Us Why They Like 9kg Washing Machine

The Jones family We love our Ebac washing machine 9 kg’s capacity because we have…

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How Much Should You Spend On A Washing Machine

There are a wide range of pricing these days on washing machines. You can see…

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Key Benefits Of Using A British Made Washing Machine

There are a number of benefits of buying a British made washing machine. Let's start…

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Should I Buy A Washing Machine From A Brand I’ve Never Heard Of?

Buying a washing machine from a brand you've never had always tricky question to answer.…

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Inside Plasma Welded Drum

What’s The Best Washing Machine Brand?

There are many, many washing machine brands available in the UK today. The two market…

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Washing Machine Retailers Uncovered

We'd like to let you know some more information about washing machines and UK retailers.…

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How To Choose A Quiet Washing Machine?

Today more than ever we appreciate quiet and unobtrusive appliances. In order to choose a…

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How Can Which? Be Wrong?

How can an organisation like Which be wrong when it comes to testing washing machines?…

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