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3 Ways You Can Use A Dehumidifier This Christmas

3 Ways You Can Use A Dehumidifier This Christmas

I know a lot of us will shudder at the very thought of Christmas being a week away but well, it’s time to face facts: its coming. As things get really busy really quickly at this time of year, being ahead of the game even by the tiniest bit before family, friends and presents is always worthwhile to keep stress levels under control.

So this week, we talk about the three different ways you can use a dehumidifier to help with some of the preparations to get your home ready for Christmas Day before  the clutter of the festive season.

Step 1: Don’t Let Condensation Dampen Your Christmas

Preparing for Christmas just wouldn’t be the same if our heads weren’t riddled with the thought of steamed up conservatories and kitchen windows while cooking Christmas dinner. Not only does this mean opening every door and window in sight to prevent this very problem, it often means condensation will form and produce a damp feeling throughout the rest of the house because of the additional moisture.

What Causes Condensation?

It goes without saying that the air in all our homes holds moisture to some degree; showering, cooking, drying laundry and even breathing all add moisture into the air in our homes that has to end up somewhere. But over the Christmas period, with family and friends all under one roof, the combination of cooking and the extra people in your home will create condensation even if you have never suffered from it before.

To put this into perspective, on average, a household of one person will produce approximately 1.5 litres of water every day. If we scale that up to Christmas terms, cooking a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, adding all the extra people, extra baths and showers into the mix plus piles of wet laundry means there will be a surge of moisture circulating our homes looking for a cold surface to condense on.

How Can You Solve The Problem?

Using a dehumidifier reduces and maintains the level of moisture in a home and solves the problem of condensation by constantly monitoring your home to ensure there is the perfect amount of moisture in the air.

It draws in the air from the home in through a filter and passes over a set of metal coils – a cold coil and a heated coil. When the air hits the cold metal, the moisture in the air condenses and forms droplets which fall off into a water container inside the machine before being redistributed back into the home.

We’re so confident that an Ebac dehumidifier will solve your condensation and damp problems; we offer a Condensation Cure Guarantee. If for whatever reason you do not love your Ebac dehumidifier, we will fully refund your purchase.

What’s not to love?

Step 2: Use It To Dry Your Laundry Indoors

For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have a tumble dryer, the cold, wet weather can make drying laundry indoors a challenge. And with Christmas being a time to relax and spend time with family and friends, don’t let the burden of drying laundry be the thing to ruin your spirits.

What Happens When You Dry Laundry Indoors?

If you have no other choice than to dry your clothes indoors, it’s important to take certain precautions in order to prevent the build up allergens, mould and mildew and excess moisture in your home that drying laundry indoors contributes to.

If there is nowhere for the moisture to escape (particularly when windows are shut and its cold outside) you could see condensation on windows, walls and tiles and a unpleasant damp smell. A build up of moisture like this can cause damage to your home and your health, as well as your family’s.

How Can You Solve The Problem?

Despite experts warning against drying laundry indoors (which we have spoken about here), a dehumidifier can be used to dry clothes very easily and quickly.

Using a dehumidifier when you dry laundry indoors will combat any additional moisture in the air which will prevent the build up of condensation, damp and mould; something that is important when prolonged use of an airer or radiator will inevitably lead to excess moisture.

But as well as combating the extra moisture in a home, a dehumidifierwill also draw water from the clothes themselves and help them dry quicker. Ebac’s 3000 Series dehumidifiers have a “laundry mode” which make Ebac dehumidifiers more effective and helpful when your wet laundry comes out the washing machine.

Understanding how to dry laundry indoors during Christmas is easy when you have a dehumidifier to help; now you can make sure you know how to do it best with our series of laundry blog posts – no matter the weather.

Step 3: Don’t Fall Victim To Christmas Allergies This Winter

It might be the centrepiece of Christmas, but could our festive fir be causing more stress than happiness? Otherwise known as “Christmas Tree Syndrome” – experts have revealed that some of us living with forest fir trees – Christmas wreaths too – are the cause of a range of health problems for those of us with allergies.

What Is Christmas Tree Syndrome?

Christmas Tree Syndrome is an allergic condition which as its name suggests is caused by your festive fir. This seasonal illness heightens symptoms and increases your chances of catching dreaded Christmas allergies as a result of Christmas trees staying in our homes for the best part of a month.

The fir harbours dust mites and mould which thrive in warm, moist environments and aggravate those with allergies and other conditions. That being said, fake Christmas trees are not necessarily the better option either because they gather dust and mould while they’ve been stored in the loft too.

How Can You Solve The Problem?

As its name suggests, Christmas Tree Syndrome only affects people once a year and is something that is fairly common and easily avoidable. Sure, sitting out on the decorating can avoid the problem all together, but what fun is that?

What if we said there is a simpler way to minimise your risk of Christmas Tree Syndrome and still enjoy the pleasure of a real tree with a dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers don’t just take moisture out of the air, but relieve allergy symptoms by keeping the humidity in a house to a minimum helping control and maintain potential allergens that thrive and multiply in damp environments.

Ebac’s Air Purification Mode, available on Ebac’s 3000 and 2000 Series dehumidifiers, creates a more comfortable environment by individually dehumidifying and purifying the air from dust, moisture and mould, all of which, as we have learnt, can be found in a home as a result of having a festive fir.

So that’s our run down on how to use a dehumidifier this Christmas. Check out the rest of the Ebac Blog for more advice and information on all things dehumidifiers. That’s it for now though, on behalf of Ebac, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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First Published 17th December 2017.

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