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Why Is A 9kg Washing Machine Good?

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A 9kg washing machine is a good option for most people. It fits into a very similar footprint to 7kg and 8kg washing machines – it’s only a tiny little bit bigger but gives you so much more flexibility.

9kg washing machines are great for even medium sized loads because they don’t compress the laundry into a small area. They wash really, really well but there’s a lot more space so the washing doesn’t get is creased which helps when it’s drying and helps when you’re ironing.

The other thing is of course the 9kg washing machine has huge capacity. The 9kg drum can hold up to 50 items. It could be half a dozen tops, 5 trousers, a couple of bed sheets 5/6 pillow cases and 20 pairs of socks and pants. A really huge capacity for getting your laundry done quickly.

Now although you’re using all that space and it is more cramped – it also helps with things like balancing the washing machines when you have a full load. This is when you get perfect balance in the washing machine and the spin cycle can operate at full speed which sometimes doesn’t happen when you’ve only got half load and the drum can get out of balance and only spins a slow speed. Your laundry comes out almost dry.

There are so many advantages in terms of the volume of laundry. The 9kg machine can wash very very large loads so individual items like king size duvet on the special down setting can be washed and your Ebac 9kg machine offers huge flexibility. You don’t have to duvets to launderette. You can you know keep dust mites and dust particles and pollen at bay. Experts recommend washing your duvet every 3 months. With a 9kg washing machines this becomes affordable and simple.

You can also put in pillows into it as well – you can get six pillows and 10 cushions inside – it gives you enormous flexibility both in terms of smaller loads where reduces creasing and larger loads where you can fit in a huge volume of laundry and then very very large items like duvets where you can wash them at home and not have to go to the laundry.

The Ebac 9kg washing machine gives you huge flexibility and it’s great value for money proportionately not as expensive as you would think.

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