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Managing Allergies In Spring Using A Dehumidifier

Managing Allergies In Spring Using A Dehumidifier

At the end of winter, most people tend to become more and more excited for the upcoming spring season. However, for those with allergies comes a time of change for you and your health.

Dehumidifiers are excellent when looking to prevent against allergies because they control humid environments that breed bacteria, irritants and other harmful agents while keeping the air in your home at a healthy level minimising allergy symptoms found in spring.

Living in a humid environment allows pollutants to become trapped in the air where they will stay until treated. The growth of humidity not only causes the air around your home to become unhealthy, but will eventually cause a build up of condensation, damp and even mould to form which will prolong and even worsen symptoms.

A dehumidifier prevents this through extracting moisture from the air which is collected in a water container for safe disposal, or drained through a permanent drainage kit positioned in a drain or sink. Not just that, Ebac dehumidifiers have an Air Purification Mode that allows the dehumidifier to individually dehumidify and purify the air which can dramatically reduce the number of indoor air pollutants that are known to aggravate allergy symptoms.

Reducing the humidity in your home makes it impossible for allergens to thrive and is why using a dehumidifier not only conquers allergy symptoms, but creates an indoor relief from the high level of humidity that can make allergy symptoms a constant problem.

Still not convinced? See what an Ebac customer said about managing allergies using a dehumidifier:

“Moving into our first home we have had a few hurdles to stumble over, one of which was combating the damp in the house which didn’t start to appear for the first couple of months of living there, and to improve the health of partner Fearn who suffers from asthma whose condition worsened due to the damp, mould and mildew that was starting to become an issue.

Both objectives of getting the dehumidifier seem to have been successful. Fearn has gone from needing the use of her inhaler four to five times a day, to using it just once a day. Breathing has become easier and because of this feels a lot healthier and more peaceful in her home.

I would recommend this product not only to people who have issues with damp and mould, but also to people who find the air in their home could be cleaner. The dehumidifier dries your home and greatly improves issues with damp and mould, but also serves to improve ambience, helping with noticeable or unnoticeable, lingering odours and a fresher feel in the air. Furthermore, if you struggle with respiratory issues it has proven its worth ten times over by helping an asthma sufferer to feel more comfortable and improve breathing by removing damp and bacteria from the air.”

For the purpose of this review we used 2650e dehumidifier model.

Allergies are common, up to one in four people in the UK experience a reaction at some point in their life. And although a dehumidifier will not cure your allergy, they are a great way to relieve symptoms and eliminate triggers from your home, helping you live a healthier, happier life.


extracts excess moisture and reduces humidity around your home, killing mould, mildew and dust mites that thrive in moisture.

circulates the air through an activated carbon filter that traps airborne pollutants and irritants like dust, smoke and pollen.

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