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Should I Buy A Washing Machine From A Brand I’ve Never Heard Of?

Buying a washing machine from a brand you’ve never had always tricky question to answer. Whilst you may not head of the brand, some brands have a rich track record in manufacturing other products that have very high standard.

That’s the case with the Ebac. Ebac have been manufacturing high quality products for almost 50 years and have clients and customers all over the world. Some of the biggest corporations in the world trust Ebac. They’ve worked on projects like the London Underground, the Channel Tunnel and have supplied the British Army.

Ebac factory

So whilst a brand like Ebac may be an unknown to you, they have been making dehumidifiers, water coolers, industrial dehumidifiers and air control systems for 50 years and have an exemplary track record.

It’s fair to say that if a brand like Ebac starts to make washing machines then you know that they’re going to be very good and built to last just like all their other products.

If however you’re considering a brand that has no track record in any products and isn’t based in this country and it’s manufactured in a cheap labour market like India or Eastern Europe or China then our advice would be to be far more cautious.

When these products are being made, the manufacturing conditions are nowhere near as high as the UK. They are being manufactured to lower standards and ethics that are not at the same level as the UK. They may be using poorly paid labour and the manufacturing conditions may be substandard or not at the same level as the UK.

There is also huge environmental impact and shipping products from around the world to the UK.

Generally speaking we would say that if you’ve not heard of that brand and don’t know their ethics – then our advice would be to not purchase that brand. Even when you have an established brand like Bosch – the assumption is that Bosch manufacture all their washing machines in Germany – that’s no longer the case. Bosch moved the majority of their washing machine manufacturer to low cost base locations. They have factories in the Czech Republic, Poland and India and the majority of their washing machines are made there now and not in the Germany

So what you assume about a brand – even from a well known brand like Bosch – may not be true. If you’ve not heard of the brand and they’ve got no track record of making high quality products for quite demanding customers – then we would be wary.

It’s now been almost seven years since Ebac first launched their washing machines and we’ve sold thousands and thousands of them. Ebac are the highest rated washing machine brand on Trustpilot. You may not have heard of Ebac washing machines but when you look into Ebac’s background you can see 50 years of outstanding manufacturing excellence, high quality standards, 100% of the manufacturing takes place in the UK and 80% of all the components of the washing machine on made in the UK and all done so to the highest standards imaginable.

Ebac washing machines

So you can trust Ebac as a brand even although you may not have heard of Ebac washing machines. You can trust Ebac’s pedigree in making products for many different other types of products and you can know from that that the Ebac washing machines are the same standard and offer outstanding value for money and superb quality and last a very very long time.


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