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Washing Machine Retailers Uncovered

We’d like to let you know some more information about washing machines and UK retailers.

There are three or four major retailers of washing machines in the UK – Currys is the top followed by AO, Argos and John Lewis. There are many other online retailers and hundreds of independent retailers but these are the four biggest retailers both online and in the High Street.

You may wonder why Ebac washing machines are not available in Currys Argos or even John Lewis when many of our other products in the past have been. The answer is very simple. Curry’s – for example – stock somewhere in the region of 200 different washing machines and AO is the same. They tend to be focused very much on low quality products low prices. They make money every time they sell a washing machine. So it it breaks after 3 years – they get to sell you another one.

When we developed the Ebac washing machine, we purposely did it in a different way to the way other people were doing it. We wanted you to get high quality product at a fair price. One that would do a great job and would last a long time. In terms of washing machines that’s quite an unusual proposition – in fat it’s unique.

Ebac washing machine

So you have brands at the top end of the market like Miele, Siemens, LG and Samsung who have very high quality products – but they are top end products are very very expensive. Some models being over £1000. Then you have cheaper brands at the bottom end of the market like Indisit, Candy Beko and even brands like Bosch now have low or very low cost products. Their products are not about product quality is just a very cheap price point and they don’t last very long. Some consumers want to buy a cheap product.

Ebac have the quality of those high end machines like the Miele, Siemens and LG but we’re at a much more competitive price of between £450 and £700.

For retailers that’s quite a complex proposition because we don’t fit into either camp. We are not cheap and cheerful and will not extremely expensive and luxury so we don’t actually fit with retailers very well

Many of our other products, especially dehumidifiers are stocked in these retailers sand sell extremely well – but because there’s so many different washing machines out there and Ebac doesn’t really fit into the right category – that is why we are not in retailers like Currys, Argos, John Lewis and AO.

When it comes to washing machines we are however in hundreds of independent retailers throughout the country. Independent retailers have a tradition of generally understanding products better than High Street retailers and they can understand Ebac proposition better and communicate that to customers. Ebac has sold many many thousands of washing machines per year through our network of independent retailers and direct. Independent retailers tend to have a customer base that is more focused on higher quality products that last a long time as opposed to just a cheap product that will only last a few years years so whilst Ebac is not in Currys, Argos, AO and John Lewis and we are available in retailers throughout the country through independent retailers. We also available on our own website direct.

The other benefit of selling direct of course is that we can be far more competitive on pricing as we don’t have to pay a retailer margin and we can give consumers the best value possible in terms of pricing.

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