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Damp In Basements – Choosing The Right Dehumidifier

Damp in basements is not an uncommon problem. In fact, basements are often considered dark awkward spaces that are prone to damp. However common, damp in basements is a problem that can cause damage to you and your home.

Because basements are often situated below ground, its walls are surrounded by conditions which favour penetrating dampness with no protection – water can leak through cracks, groundwater, rainwater and melting snow can saturate the soil around a home and water vapour can penetrate walls.

To eliminate damp in basements it is important to understand the cause of the excess moisture and where it is coming from. If damp is coming from excess moisture rather than a leak or drainage problem, a dehumidifier is the perfect solution.

Remove excess moisture – use a dehumidifier

The most common cause of dampness we hear about is condensation. Condensation occurs when warm, moist air meets cold surfaces – or in this case basement walls and floors. When the walls and floors cool the warm air, moisture is created.

A dehumidifier draws excess moisture from the air through becoming the coldest point in the room. In the same process, warm moist air enters the dehumidifier and passes over cooled coils, causing the moisture in the air to condense within the machine. The moisture collected is then held in the container of the dehumidifier for safe disposal or removed via a drainage pipe positioned in a drain or sink.

What dehumidifier is best for me?

Powerdri 21

The Powerdri 21 is different to all our other dehumidifiers because it is designed to withstand a workshop environment due to its strong and robust ABS construction. Guaranteed to eliminate mould, moisture and odours effectively and efficiently, this 21 litre dehumidifier comes complete with castors and drainage kit for complete portability. This particular model is popular with tradesmen due to its 3.5L water container and ability to speed up the time it takes to dry plaster and paint as well as rooms that have suffered the effects of a flood.

Other features include: Auto Shut Off, Intelligent Defrost, Manual Humidistat, Quiet Mode and 2.1m Cord.

Shop Powerdri 21


Guaranteed to eliminate condensation, dampness, mould and odours, our most powerful dehumidifier, the 3850e, combines the latest technology and user friendly features to ensure efficient water extraction. Ebac have made this process even faster with its patented Smart Control. Unlike simple humidistats, Smart Control controls the problem quickly and effectively switching on and off when required without manual changes having to be made. Its LED control panel provides a modern appearance that fits seamlessly with any environment.

Other features include: Air Purification Mode, Auto Shut Off, Dedicated Laundry Mode, Intelligent Defrost, Quiet Mode, 2.5L Water Container, 2.1m Cord and 2/4/8 Hour Timer.

Shop 3850e

A dehumidifier can make a considerable difference to damp in basements. But it is important to remember that if the damp is a result of water from the outside, a dehumidifier will not solve the problem. A dehumidifier can be used to reduce the excess moisture in a basement, but is not a permanent solution from the effects of water from the outside.

The use of a good dehumidifier like the models listed will not only dry out your damp basement but protect you and your home by eliminating condensation, dampness and prevent mould from growing.

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