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How To Dry Your Home After A Flood With A Dehumidifier

How To Dry Your Home After A Flood With A Dehumidifier

It seems that the “beast from the east” has been in full swing over the past week, snow, strong winds and a Met Office red alert have caused some of the UK’s most testing weather conditions on record.

A week later – after the beast from the east met storm Emma – the UK faces a wave of fresh weather chaos as a mix of melting snow, high tides and rainfall have prompted widespread flood alerts across the UK.

Dehumidifiers are essential to use in a flooded area. Without, mould can start to breed and cause additional damage. Using a dehumidifier to help resolve flooding in your home is the best way to dry the affected area and remove excess moisture quickly and effectively before mould and mildew start to grow.

Should you be unfortunate enough to have suffered a flood in your home, it is important to get everything dry as quickly as possible to avoid further damage to you and your home.

Removing as much water as possible and cleaning the effected surfaces will remove any mould spores and make the drying process easier, the drier the air in your flooded area, the faster it will dry.

A dehumidifier is used to dry the effected area by removing excess moisture from the air which causes it to condense within the machine for safe disposal eliminating dampness, mould and mildew around the home.

Once the flooded area has been dried out with the use of a dehumidifier, there is much less of a chance that mould and further spore growth will settle. Mould needs a damp humid environment to grow in; a dehumidifier stops this through limiting access to moisture so the mould and spores are unable to thrive.

Ebac dehumidifiers will dry the affected area as quickly as possible while keeping mould growth to a minimum.

Whether you have experienced flood damage due to the recent thaw, have noticed an increase in condensation or have struggled to dry laundry indoors – Ebac are the perfect solution for you.

Combining the latest technology and user friendly features, Ebac’s range of compact dehumidifiers come complete with features to ensure all year use, these features include patented Smart ControlDedicated Laundry Mode, Air Purification and Intelligent Defrost.

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