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How To Choose A Quiet Washing Machine?

Ebac washing machine

Today more than ever we appreciate quiet and unobtrusive appliances. In order to choose a washing machine that is quiet and effective there are several factors we need to ensure in order to get the machine that we want.

Ebac washing machines operate at 61dBa for washing and 73dBa when spinning – this is quieter than the vast majority of washing machines on the market today. Ebac achieves this excellent performance in several ways.

Firstly Ebac uses a brushless inverter driven motor. A brushless motor has no contact parts with the washing machine it uses electromagnetic forces to turn and rotate the drum. Because of this – there is no friction parts and there is no noise. A invertor driven motor is more expensive than traditional motors – but they offer so many benefits in terms of long term reliability and extremely quiet operation that they’re worth it. They are used in all Ebac washing machines. This is the first thing you should ensure when buying a washing machine that you need to be quiet – it must have a brushless inverter driven motor.

The second factor we would suggest you look into is the quality of the components. High quality bearings will result in smoother rotation of the drum, less friction and less noise. High quality bearings allow the drum to spin without vibration and that smooth rotation results in less banging and noises emanating from the drum turning and spinning at high speeds.

A high quality drum spider and high quality bearings cannot be replicated with cheap alternatives. Ebac’s high quality components will give you a very low sound attenuation and a very quiet washing machine

Another factor to consider when looking for a quiet washing machine is to find one that has a strong metal case with inbuilt insulation. Ebac washing machines are made from thick high quality steel – that has been specially made and insulated in key areas to absorb sound and minimised noise. This is again cannot be replicated with cheap washing machines and is a key component in containing noise that is generated within the casing of the machine.

The final factor to consider is the quality of the plastic components. All of Ebac’s plastic components are made on site in the Ebac factory to very high quality and very high standards. Thick plastic components that are durable and last a long time is one of the additional benefit of using high quality plastics. High quality thick plastic not only absorb sound but they are less prone to rattle and shaking. So you get even more sound protection.

The combination of all these factors make Ebac washing machines some of the quietest on the market and not easy to replicate from cheaper alternatives. These are the key things that you need to consider if you want a quiet washing machine.

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