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5 Rules For Choosing The Right Washing Machines

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Choosing a washing machine can be very complicated. There are so many different brands, so many different features and so many different types of technology. We’re going to help you walk through the challenge of purchasing the right washing machine for you and your family.

1. Capacity

The starting point for most people is the capacity of the washing machine – 7kg, 8kg, 9kg, 10kg. Our advice is that even if you are a 1 bed, one person family, or you’re a three person family, always choose a larger washing machine drum size. If you can afford buying a larger washing machine drum size, even for smaller loads, it reduces creasing and allows the washing to wash more thoroughly without being cramped in. So, choose the largest from size that you can afford and that will be the right thing to do.

2. Running Costs

The next consideration that we would suggest is you look at running costs. Running costs are a significant part of a washing machine. Not only the financial costs of running the washing machine, but the environmental costs. Many washing machines these days, and many washing machines rated highly by people like Which?, consume large amounts of unnecessary energy and create unnecessary pollution. They do this by recommending you buy washing machines that over wash clothes and treats every load like Aston’s. As a result, the machine runs for much longer than is necessary, uses more water than is necessary, uses more energy than is necessary and releases more pollution and more plastic microfibers.

3. Energy Ratings

Energy ratings can be confusing especially now as the energy rating system has changed. But you can be rest assured that Ebac washing machines are optimised to wash your clothes extremely well and clean them thoroughly. Not over wash them, not run longer than is necessary and not consume more water and release more pollution than is necessary.

4. Durability and Reliability

The next factor that we would suggest you look at is the durability and reliability. When you change your washing machine, it is generally speaking quite an inconvenience. It is usually because your current washing machine is broken or is in decline. Not having a washing machine even for a few days, or one that isn’t working very well, can be a major disruption in your family. We would always advocate purchasing a washing machine of higher quality, even if it costs a little bit more.

El researching analysis showing the high quality washing machine like Ebac’s, with higher quality components and higher quality levels of manufacture, maintain their performance levels at a higher level for a longer period of time. So, when you buy that cheap washing machine, not only does it not last as long, but the performance starts to degrade quite quickly. Not only will it break after a few years but it won’t wash at the same level of consistency for that period of time.

Ebac washing machines are made with very high-quality components and manufactured to an extremely high level. They are durable, robust, resilient, they last a long time. In the event that you do need to service, they can be repaired quite easily and have repairable components. Many of the cheaper machines don’t have this and you have to throw them away and buy a new one. Reliability and durability is a really important aspect when buying a washing machine.

5. Operations and Controls

The next factor that we would suggest you consider is the operations and the controls. Many washing machines, especially recently, have been launched with high levels of technology. Equal bubble, auto dosing, ability to put laundry in the washer after it has already started, the ability to use an app to control it. Many of these elements, from our research, are simply not used. They’re very expensive elements of technology and people who buy them end up never using them.

There are core functions that you need on a washing machine, and Ebac washing machines have them all – a range of programmes to suit all of your washing needs, the ability to add things that you’ve forgotten through the programme, good quality spin, low noise attenuation and very quiet operation, and further cleaning with a minimum level of cost and pollution. These are the key things, so don’t be persuaded by gadgetry and gimmickry and features and facilities that people never use.


These are the key tips that we would suggest you look at when buying a washing machine and we hope you can set up buying an Ebac because we’ve certainly embodied all of those elements into our products.

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