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10 Tips When Buying A Washing Machine

Here are 10 tips when buying a washing machine:

1. Checkout reviews on Trustpilot and other review sites.

Here you get a really good handle on what real customers think about that washing machine brand, how good it is, how reliable is, the customer services and how well it performs.

2. Always choose a washing machine now with our brushless inverter driven motor.

All Ebac washing machines have brushless and vehicle driven motors. Brushless means that the components don’t wear out as no physical parts touches the motor. Inverter driven means it is also quiet and efficient, and all in all has great performance in a really quiet way.

3. Choose a washing machine with an extra recirculating pump.

We’re all about washing machines that have recirculating pumps. The extra recirculating pump helps your washing machine be more efficient. It recirculates the water round the drum better and wrenches and washes the clothes. Most washing machines these days only have one drain pump and that’s not as good.

4. Make sure your washing machine is repairable and serviceable.

Many cheaper washing machines now are not serviceable or repairable. So, ask if it is a two-piece drum, ask if the bearings are sealed within the unit or they can be replaced. Understand if those spills parts available in the event that something breaks. All these things make sure that your machine is repairable and can last a very long time.

5. Always look for a significant warranty.

Cheaper washing machines aren’t built to last so very often only offer a one or two-year warranty. This tells you that they don’t expect their washing machine to last much longer than two or three years. Ebac washing machines come with seven year warranty. High quality washing machines usually come with a longer warranty because they’ve been built to last the more reliable, with better quality manufacturing and higher quality components

6. Make sure it’s quiet.

Washing machines these days, especially high quality ones, can be incredibly quiet. All Ebac washing machines are very quiet. They have a very quiet motor, high quality steel construction and insulation, their bearings are very high quality, all of which means they are extremely quiet

7. Make sure is made in the UK.

Buying a washing machine made in UK means it is built to higher quality standards than many of the cheaper models and brands available. These are usually made in Eastern European countries where they take advantage of very low labour rates and poor working conditions to manufacture cheaply. We don’t advocate that. It’s also not very good for the carbon footprint on the environment and is definitely not good for the UK economy.

8. Always choose a washing machine with high quality bearings.

The washing machine drum goes round and round at incredible speeds up to 1600 revolutions per minute. That creates enormous forces on the washing machine and the bearings take the brunt of that. If cheap quality bearings overuse, then these can become misaligned. They can become noisy, can throw the machinery of balance and result in the degradation of the entire machine. Ebac washing machines use very high-quality steel bearings – one of the best you can get.

9. Look for a large door.

Always make sure you open the door, because many designs of washing machines now make the door look big from the outside, but when you open it, is actually quite small. It makes it hard to load your washing. Also, make sure that the door opens wide enough to make loading the machine easier. This allows you maximum access to load your washing machine and unload it very easily.

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10. Always choose the most expensive washing machine you can.

Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. If you can’t afford the lump sum, many retailers, including Ebac, offer substantially good payment terms and interest free credit. With this, you can get a very good washing machine that will last for years and years and years, for as little as £40 per month. Always do that. Always go for a washing machine that takes your clothes. The most damage to washing is done in high velocity actions like spinning. If your machine is out of sync, it can damage the machine and damage your clothes. Ebac washing machines have Perfect Wash Protection but that protection the balances the machine bounces your clothes and if they’re not balanced it won’t run and it protects your closing the protection machine these are a top tips to make sure you get the best washing machine for you and your family.

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