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Key Benefits Of Using A British Made Washing Machine

There are quite a number of benefits of buying a British made washing machine. Let’s start with the obvious ones. Buying a product made in the UK has a massive environmental benefit. Washing machines are very large and heavy appliances. The majority of them are made in Eastern Europe, China, Turkey and India then shipped to the UK in large containers.

There are no other washing machine manufacturers in the UK other than Ebac. This means that of the two million washing machines that are sold in the UK every year, masses of metal and concrete or being shipped thousands of miles and container ships around the world. This creates an avoidable, huge environmental footprint.

Not only does it have any environmental impact it also adds substantial cost to the product meaning that the manufacturers have to cut costs in other areas to compensate for the fact that they have to ship them thousands of miles around the world.

The economic impact is a major consideration of significance. We buy products that are manufactured outside of the UK and are then imported into the UK. These are sold in retailers like Currys, Argos and AO.

When we buy these products, our money leaves the UK economy and weakens it, meaning that the profit and the revenue from those sales go to the country of manufacture and the country that owns the brand.

In this case, it is an American owned company that manufactures in Eastern Europe. All of the revenue from those 2,000,000 washing machines purchased every year would go elsewhere. Even in Europe, one of the biggest players like Bosch, who now manufacture in Eastern Europe and China, their profits that do remain in Europe go to Germany, where they no longer even manufacture. Buying products that are manufactured overseas weakens the UK economy and that’s not good for anyone.

The final element is that a British made washing machine is made to very high standards and ethics. Everyone that makes Ebac washing machines in the UK are on minimum wage or higher. There’s no child labour, health and safety are important, and the work environment is of the highest standards. Those employees and team members are treated with respect in a very original, very nice working environment.

When you’re buying products from overseas, you don’t know whether being magnified so they can be open to being manufactured by child labour or in the case of India people that are getting paid extremely little. Ethically, that doesn’t fit with a lot of people’s morals today.

When you buy an Ebac British made washing machine, you’re getting the highest quality of components, highest quality of standards and processes of rigorous health and safety measures to ensure that the product is of exceptional quality. The ethics are of exceptional quality and the economic impact is that every Ebac product you buy supports the UK economy, supports UK jobs and helps the UK government fund critical public services.

It has the lowest environmental impact of any washing machine that you can buy in the UK today, so you should think very seriously about prioritising buying British made products and certainly consider buying a British made Ebac washing machine.

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