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Are Which? Washing Machine Reviews Misleading Consumers?

Which? is a long established organisation that reviews consumer products and provides scores and analysis of performance.

Ebac washing machines have been reviewed by Which? and surprisingly didn’t get a very good score – given that we spent millions of pounds developing the washing machines over many years. We couldn’t understand why.

In development, we benchmarked every leading model of washing machine brand in the UK. We tore down every product, we analysed what they did and didn’t do. We built Ebac washing machines to be better than all of them So we can simply couldn’t understand why we didn’t get a better Which? review.

We started a dialogue with Which? to understand how they reviewed washing machines and if needed we could set about improving our Ebac washing machines. But what we discovered was quite alarming.

Which? has decided that washing machine performance should be governed by their ability to remove severe stains. So they test washing machines to see how they remove 10 common stains like dried in ketchup, blood, coffee, chocolate and grass. They then score each washing machine based on their ability to remove those stains at a 40 degrees cotton wash now.

We think this test is inappropriate for a number of reasons.

In our analysis we found that 95% of washing done on a daily basis by people in the UK doesn’t have severe stains – its just generally dirty. Even families with small children the major of their washing is just general dirt, sweat and grime.

It’s a fact that the majority of washing does not have extreme stains. So why make this the most important factor when comparing washing machines.

When Which? test washing machines only for extreme stains – it doesn’t follow that the machine that’s good at cleaning extreme stains is effective just washing normal everyday washing. That would be like saying everyone should drive a Formula One car because it goes the fastest even although it is not the most appropriate car for the majority us to drive.

We also discovered that most other manufacturers know that this is how Which? rate their washing machines and they took steps to elongate programmes that Which? test in order to make sure that stains were removed. This results in exceptional amounts of water, exceptional amounts of electricity and exceptional amounts of plastic microfibres being put into the ocean.

None of which is good for the consumer.

Which?’s review of washing performance isn’t really washing machine performance – it’s exaggerated stain removal performance and our advice to you is that’s not the basis on which you should be buying a washing machine.

Most people in the UK, when they have extreme stains, use a stain removal product like Vanish. Over the over the last few years vanished sales have increased dramatically because we’re all washing our clothes at low temperatures, with gentler faster washes and many of us use non biological washing powders because they are kinder to your skin.

We only tend to want to have extreme washing when there is extreme stains and we use a topical application like Vanish to remove that stain and a special stain removal program – like we have on Ebac washing machines.

Of course the other issue with washing extremely harshly is that it damages your clothes and ages them prematurely. We would say that whilst Which? have the right intent in wanting to help consumers choose better products – we believe on washing machines they’ve got it very wrong.

As a result Which? are misleading many consumers into choosing products that aren’t actually very good but just have been manipulated into doing extreme stain removal.

Our advice to you is read online reviews from real customers and gather opinions about how effective washing machines of all brands are. View real reviews on Trustpilot. Incidentally Ebac are the highest rated brand on Trustpilot from hundreds of real customers.
These customers use their Ebac machine day in and day out. We think that’s far more powerful than inappropriate and inaccurate laboratory tests that Which? do. Don’t believe everything you read from Which? and certainly do your research and look at what real customers are saying.

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