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How Can Which? Be Wrong?

How can an organisation like Which be wrong when it comes to testing washing machines?

Well Which? have never designed or manufactured a washing machine. They have no idea how to make them, they’ve never made one and they base their on some theoretical ideas that they came up with in a meeting room.

Ebac has spent the last 10 years analysing and planning how to make the best washing machine. Prior to that Ebac spent last 50 years designing award winning products have been sold in their millions throughout the world and used by hundreds of companies and some of the biggest organisations and brands in the world.

Everyday millions of people use Ebac products around the world – so we have a pretty good idea about how to manufacture make things. We took the same approach when we first designed our  washing machine almost 10 years ago.

So how can Which? be wrong? Which? are wrong because the people that created the washing machine test don’t actually understand washing machines and don’t understand how people use them. They based their tests on the opinions of members surveys – but they misinterpret the what people say in those surveys. So when asked “what’s the most important aspect of a washing machine?” their survey said it should be “cleaning performance”. Of course that’s true but cleaning performance means many things. Which? interpreted cleaning performance as stain removal and as a result placed the vast majority of their test importance on the ability of washing machines to remove stains.

In our research, over many years, we found that the vast majority of washing on a day to day basis does not have stains. It’s just dirty clothing with general dirt, sweat and grime – but it isn’t severely stained. Testing a washing machine to remove severe stains isn’t same thing as testing a washing machine to effectively move everyday dirt and grime.

The Which? assumption about stain removal is wrong.

We’ve been in discussions with Which? for years about changing their test, but they refused to. We suspect that all the other washing machine manufacturers have changed their washing machine programmes under the Which? test so that it’s highly optimised for stain removal.

You may not think this is a bad thing – but actually is because it then means that it washes all clothes on that programme far too much, using far too much water, too much detergent and releasing too many microfibers and uses too much energy. It damages your clothes too.

So many many downsides. By believing that good washing machines are good stain removers is very misleading. Dealing with normal dirt and grime is more important. Which, rather stubbornly, refused to update their tests. Even given all the technology changes over the years and their test hasn’t changed in 10 years so. It’s the same test for washing machines now that they were doing 10 years ago they don’t understand washing machines they’ve never made a washing machine they don’t know how washing machines are constructed. They don’t know how customers use washing machines. Ebac do because   we’ve spent ten years and millions and millions of pounds analysing it and implementing it.

Our advice would be to ignore the Which? reports. Look at consumer reviews on review sites. They give you a real view of what’s happening with that product day to day. Not  theoretical lab tests.

Unfortunately that’s why Which? are wrong. They have the wrong test and refuse to change the test despite it being based on flawed logic.

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