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3 Families Tell Us Why They Like 9kg Washing Machine

The Jones family

We love our Ebac washing machine 9 kg’s capacity because we have a huge volume of washing we have three kids who all play sports. We used to do something like 30 loads a week with our old 7 kg washing machine then we bought the new Ebac 9kg washing machine and we only have to do like 20 loads a week. This saves so much time not only in washing but also in drying it just makes everything dry fast. The other reason we like it so much is we wash duvets and pillows in it and that’s just so much easier than taking it to the laundry.

The Allison family

We love our 9kg Ebac washing machine because we’ve got dogs and they make a mess and we very often take their beds cushions bedspreads bedding an we get all in and then give it a good clean. Before we had to take it to the laundry it wouldn’t fit in our 8kg washing machine so now we can take all the dog stuff and get it cleaned really really quickly and it just makes it all great and fresh as new again in no time.

The James family

We’ve got young kids who make a mess and we probably go through three or four changes of clothes a day on each of them. It’s about 15 garments. Before we were on an endless cycle of -load the washing machine -unload -load -unload load. Now we can gather them up together throughout the day and chuck them in the wash then them get them in the dryer and then all the clothes have done an in one go. It just saves so much time and therefore having a far bigger drama and it just made things so much easier so we can’t contemplate going back to small machine.

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