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Ebac launches indoor laundry drying campaign with Mumsnet testers


The internet seems to be flooded with mums on forums asking whether dehumidifiers are good for babies. Ebac are happy to announce that we are working with Mumsnet to champion just how useful...

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What is a dehumidifier?


Maintaining the right amount of moisture in a home is all about balance, too much or too little can lead to unpleasant conditions, health problems and structural issues. A warm, comfortable environment...

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The smart way to remove condensation


Ebac's patented Smart Control technology is a new automatic way of controlling your dehumidifier that gives you the peace of mind to know that your dehumidifier is running without frequent changes having...

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Finding the right dehumidifier for your bedroom - Get a good night sleep


A good nights sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle, physically and mentally. Almost half of us are getting just six hours or less a night. And although problems sleeping can arise from a...

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How to choose the right dehumidifier


Choosing a dehumidifier can be confusing. There is a lot of misinformation around buying the right dehumidifier for you and your home. We have seen it all over the last 4 decades and understand that... 

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How does a dehumidifier work?


Dehumidifiers draw excess moisture from the air helping solve condensation, dampness and mould around the home. But, how does a dehumidifier work? What is the process that allows it to take moisture...

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3 ways you can use a dehumidifier this Christmas


Whether you are looking to enjoy a warmer Christmas this year, to cure the condensation, dampness or mould in the spare bedroom or trying to avoid winter allergies, you can make a considerable difference...

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Dry your clothes without a dryer - Use a dehumidifier


During winter months drying laundry indoors can be expensive and slow. In cold wet weather we are often forced to dry laundry indoors. Without the luxury of a dryer, radiators and airers are the only...


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