3 Ways You Can Use A Dehumidifier This Christmas


Whether you are looking to enjoy a warmer Christmas this year, to cure the condensation, dampness or mould in the spare bedroom or trying to avoid winter allergies, you can make a considerable difference to the feel of your home with a dehumidifier.

Discover our top ways you can use a dehumidifier this Christmas.

Condensation, Dampness and Mould

Christmas day has arrived and with twice as many people in your home, moisture levels are at an all time high. With double the showers, double the cooking and double the amount of clothes that need to be washed and dried, the effects of this are often stressful. These high levels of moisture in a home condense on cold surfaces and create condensation. A dehumidifier attracts this moisture and collects it in a water container for safe disposal and in turn cures condensation, dampness, mould and odours.

Fact - Ebac are the only company to offer a 100% Condensation Cure Guarantee. What this means is that if you are not completely satisfied that your dehumidifier has solved your condensation, dampness or mould problem you will recieve a full refund. This confidence comes from over four decades of experience and 1.25 million customer choosing an Ebac dehumidifier to eliminate condensation, dampness and mould around their home.


Without the luxury of a dryer, radiators and airers are the only way to get your laundry dry. But this can take a long time and lead to a build up of condensation around the home. Using a dehumidifier is a great alternative. While other methods may be effective at drying laundry, it is often costly to run and serves one purpose. A dehumidifier can dry laundry as well as provide a healthier home by reducing the excess moisture from the air and the complications of this. 

Tip - place your laundry on a clothes horse in a small room with the dehumidifier close by. Using a small room allows the dehumidifier to reduce moisture from the air faster and achieve the optimal performance needed to dry your laundry.


Most people don't associate winter with allergies, but during these months people spend more time indoors exposing those with allergies to irritants. Using a dehumidifier can help decrease the moisture that supports allergen growth helping to prevent bacteria and virus growth. 

Christmas Tip - it might be the centrepiece of Christmas, but could our festive fir be causing more stress than happiness? Otherwise known as 'Christmas Tree Syndrome' - experts have revealed that some of us living with forest fir trees are the cause of a range of health problems. This is ultimately because a number of different moulds grow on these trees and naturally increase in numbers inside our centrally heated homes.

Dehumidifiers not only reduce the excess moisture in the air, but reduce allergies and other day to day problems homes around the UK encounter. Get to the heart of the problem before its too late. Experience a warmer healthier home.

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