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A good night sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle, physically and mentally. Almost half of us are getting just six hours sleep or less a night. And although problems sleeping can arise from a whole range of things - ones that are often expensive - a dehumidifier is just one of the ways you could be improving your quality of sleep.

If you are somebody who has trouble sleeping one of the first things to consider is your bedroom. A lot of us unknowlingly sleep in a bedroom not fit for purpose and could be the key cause of a restless night.

Because we live in a climate with a lot of moisture and in homes that are built to stop air entering and leaving the home, we create lots of excess moisture through day to day activities that has nowhere to escape. Having too much moisture in your home can penetrate your walls and cause internal condensation that can propogate damp and mould growth - impacting your health and damaging your home. Using a dehumidifier in your bedroom can improve any sign of condensation, dampness, mould and unpleasant odours while creating a warmer healthier home.

Although the primary function of a dehumidifier is to eliminate excess moisture from the air and bring down humidity levels, an Ebac dehumidifier features an excellent air purification capability that can individually dehumidify and purify the indoor air.

Ebac's Air Purification Mode circulates the air in a room through an activated carbon filter helping improve the air quality inside your home removing airborne particles which can trigger allergic reactions and asthma.

Our dehumidifiers combine the latest technology and highest standard of Air Purification that gives you the flexibility to keep cleaning the air even when the air is dry.

How can a dehumidifier help me get a good night sleep?

How much noise a dehumidifier makes is something that is not often associated as something to look for in a dehumidifier. However, it is not until you are looking to sleep in the same room as one that you are suddenly wondering what the best dehumidifier for your bedroom is.

Here are Ebac's top 3 tips on how you can make your dehumidifier quieter:

1. For best results we recommend placing your dehumidifier on a level surface, this is because it will put a stop to any unnecessary vibrations. In the circumstance that this is not possible because of uneven wood or laminate flooring simply put your dehumidifier on a rug and this should prevent any excess noise and leaks.

2. Understanding what a dehumidifier does is one thing. Understanding how to use it for a specific purpose is another. Ensuring your dehumidifier is on the lowest fan speed will make sure it is as quiet as possible while solving your problem at the same time.

To select the lowest fan speed on any Ebac 3000 series press the fan button on your dehumidifier until you see a number one, this means that the dehumidifier is now in quiet mode.
To select the lowest fan speed on any Ebac 2000 series press the fan button on your dehumidifier until you see the A setting, this means that the dehumidifier is now in quiet mode.

3. Something we continue to advise and encourage at Ebac is for people to clean or change the filter on their dehumidifier. Changing the filter will put less strain on the fan keeping the noise level down and increasing the efficiency of your dehumidifier. Failure to do this will reduce the performance of your dehumidifier and may over time lead to a permanent reduction in performance. Ebac recommend filters to be cleaned every month and replaced every four.

Note - if you are the type of sleeper to be distracted by a tick from a clock, sleeping with a dehumidifier in your bedroom might not be for you. If this is the case simply place the dehumidifier in the hallway or landing and let it run leaving your bedroom door open.

A dehumidifier can not just help the most restless sleeper have a peaceful night but can provide an optimal sleeping environment through cleaning the air. Get the humid free night you have always dreamed about.

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