How does a dehumidifier work?


Dehumidifiers draw excess moisture from the air helping solve condensation, dampness and mould around the home. But, how does a dehumidifier work? What is the process that allows it to take moisture from the air and remove it as water?

The mechanics behind a compressor dehumidifier - like all Ebac domestic dehumidifiers - are quite simple to understand; warm moist air enters the dehumidifier and passes over cooled coils, causing the moisture in the air to condense within the machine. How?

When air is drawn into the dehumidifier, it touches cooling coils which pulls moisture from the air through lowering the temperature. Because the coils are colder than the air around them, as the air cools, the moisture it contains condenses. Free of moisture, the now cooled air is then reheated to its original temperature which is the redistributed into the room - this time without all the moisture. The moisture collected from the air is held in the container of the dehumidifier for safe disposal.

Ebac have made this process as quick as can be with its patented Smart Control. Unlike simple humidistats that need to be manually reset due to changing conditions inside and outside the house, Ebac's Smart Control automatically detects when to operate. Without these changes the dehumidifier will be running when it doesn't need to be, or at the wrong setting. This is why Ebac Smart dehumidifiers control your problem quickly and effectively - minimising running costs and ensuring a fast resolution to condensation, dampness and mould.

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