7 Easy Cleaning Tips To Try This Spring


Spring Cleaning Tips

If you ever needed a quick easy guide to spring cleaning your home, this could be just what you're looking for. With these seven easy cleaning tips, creating a healthier living environment with the help of your dehumidifier is not as difficult as you may have once thought.

          1.   Dust Down Your Worktops

Although this may be an obvious cleaning tip, the impact dust can have on your health is sometimes overlooked. Dust not only causes sneezing and irritation to the eyes, it can also be very harmful to those who suffer from asthma - consequently making their symptoms worse. Dusting down furniture, surfaces and worktops is not only a quick step in the spring clean process, but will make sure the air inside your home feels clean and healthy. Using your dehumidifier alongside will trap any airborne pollutants and irritants like dust from the air, ensuring the air in your home is as good as can be.

          2.   Vacuum From Head-To-Toe

After dusting down your worktops, the next step is to vacuum your whole house. Whether its crumbs from the children's afternoon snack, dust beginning to build or shed skin from the cat or dog - this is definitely one of the most important cleaning tips. For that extra spring cleaning boost, don't forget to vacuum the mattresses.

          3.   Scrub Your Home Appliances

We all know that feeling of getting in from work and popping something quick in the oven to cook. But how often do you actually clean the inside of your oven? For most people, not so often. The build up of grease is not only decreasing the performance of your oven - it can be rather smelly too! A great tip to clean your oven is to use baking soda and vinegar; learn more here. Through giving your oven a good scrub, you will undoubtedly feel a difference in the cleanliness of your home. Don't forget your dishwasher and microwave too!

          4.   Deep Clean Your Bathroom

A lot of people say there's no better smell than a bleached bathroom. Give your bathroom a deep cleanse by polishing your bath taps, scailing your tiles and mopping the floor. Even adding a toilet block will allow the moisture from showers to be released - or make sure you have your dehumidifier switched on! Read our blog on how to choose the right dehumidifier here.

          5.   Wipe Away Mould Spores

No homeowner wants to look in the corner of a room to discover that loads of black marks have appeared. Mould not only looks awful but can have a negative impact on your health and as a result cause sneezing, sore eyes and even asthma attacks. Wiping away the mould on your walls - even giving them a coat of paint if necessary - not only improves the air quality in your home but also gives you a sense of a cleaner, healthier living environment. Don't forget that you can use your dehumidifier in colder month too to avoid the build up of condensation, damp and mould.

          6.   Declutter

It is amazing the difference you can feel when decluttering wardrobes, drawers and cupboards. This not only gives you a 'fresh' feeling but makes life much easier when you're looking for that important document or favourite t-shirt. Something you could try doing to prevent this happening again and again is every time you buy a new piece of clothing for instance, try and get rid of another one. This could be as simple as giving it to a family member, friend or the local charity shop.

          7.   Run Your Dehumidifier On Air Purification Mode

Switching your dehumidifier to air purification mode will allow the dehumidifier to clean the air from dust and airborne pollutants. Running your dehumidifier regularly in spring and summer months will help to keep your home environment healthy and allergy symptoms at bay. And not only that, a dehumidifier is a great indoor laundry drying alternative for those rainy days as well as monitoring humidity levels to preventing condensation, damp and mould around your home.

A little TLC in your home can go a long way. With these seven easy cleaning tips you will not only start your spring off with a fresh and healthier mind, but will embrace for years to come.

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