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In the UK, damp, condensation, and mould can lead to a range of problems, from health issues to structural damage and energy inefficiency. A recent report by the English Housing Survey revealed that 14% of households in England had reported damp problems, while 10% had experienced mould growth. 

Legislation around control of air quality in UK homes is rapidly changing. Ebac are at the forefront of developing solutions for installation in UK homes. We are available to partner with construction companies, builders and installation companies to deploy full MVHR or DHR solutions.

Ebac, with its considerable experience in ventilation projects such as the Channel Tunnel, field hospitals in the Gulf War, and the London Underground, has developed a new range of MVHR and DHR products specifically designed for the New Build homes or renovation projects.

All products are manufactured in the UK, and designed for cost-effective installation and ease of commissioning and maintenance. Technical and customer service support is provided from our UK headquarters in County Durham.

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