Dehumidifier Buying Myths

There is a lot of misinformation around buying dehumidifiers

As dehumidifier experts, Ebac hear all sorts of theories. We’ve seen it all over the past 44 years and we’re still learning. There is a massive difference in performance between dehumidifiers – more of a difference than any other domestic appliance, so it’s important to get the proper advice.

  • Ebac, with 44 years of experience are well placed to advise on the facts.
  • Ebac manufacture both compressor and desiccant dehumidifiers all over the world, we really understand what’s suitable where.

Let us explain some of the myths

Claim: High water extraction is good WRONG!

Some organisations and so called experts like Which? the consumer advisory service – take the view that high water extraction is the unconditional most significant aspect of buying a dehumidifier. But they are wrong.

  • Which? over-score desiccant dehumidifiers and give them high ratings because they do take out water at a high rate.
  • Ebac make both desiccant and compressor dehumidifiers so we’re ideally placed to comment.
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers work on a totally different principle to compressor dehumidifiers.
  • We know from research, testing and extensive laboratory work that this is the case.
  • We do not recommend desiccant dehumidifiers for the home because of their exorbitant running costs.
  • Compressor dehumidifiers will solve your problem and are much cheaper to run.
  • A typical UK home needs a maximum of 2.5 litres of Water extraction per day to solve all it’s excess moisture problems. This can be achieved with a 25 litre rated dehumidifier.
  • A desiccant dehumidifier that removes 5 litres per day is simply drawing in moisture from outside and collecting it.
  • You will end up paying too much on running costs for something you do not need.

Claim: Running costs are not important WRONG!

We have experience from selling over 1.25 million dehumidifiers over 44 years that running costs are the key hidden factor for most dehumidifiers.

We estimate that an Ebac 2650e and Meaco Desiccant dehumidifier – both taking out 2 litres per day over 200 days will cost £70 and £220 respectively. However because the desiccant has a greater extraction capacity and poor controls – it’s running cost could easily be doubled that at over £440 per year.

Desiccant dehumidifiers and manually controlled compressor dehumidifiers can cost up to 300% more than Ebac’s Patented Smart Control.

If you think that’s not significant – that’s up to a mind blowing £150 per year in additional running costs. £150 per year – every year.

Pay close attention to the running costs

Claim: Controlling the Relative Humidity to a specific level EG 50% is the way to control condensation and dampness. WRONG!

  • The optimum RH to control condensation and dampness changes throughout the day
  • Key factors that impact it are outside temperatures (lower outside temperature needs a lower RH), level and type of activity in your home (cooking, showering, laundry) and number of people in your home
  • The optimal RH also varies depending where you are measuring it in the home and depending on whether the heating is on or off.
  • The higher the temperature where the dehumidifier is positioned – the lower the RH needs to be.
  • Ebac’s Smart Control automatically adjusts to changing conditions (inside and out) and ensures there is no excess moisture regardless of the outside temperate or inside RH.