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Ebac 38500 smart control

Get the Smart Control advantage

Smart Control is much more sophisticated that humidistats. It monitors the moisture levels in your home and controls the dehumidifier to prevent damp and condensation.

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The biggest improvement in dehumidifier control systems this century

Smart Control automatically measures and remembers the humidity levels in your home. It then automatically switches on the dehumidifier when the levels start to rise and switches off when the humidity levels fall.

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Over 100,000 Ebac customers have switched to Smart Control

Humidistats were once the only way to control a dehumidifier until Ebac invented Smart Control. Now customers choose automatic Smart Control over older humidistat controlled dehumidifiers.

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One touch and leave Smart Control to do the rest

Smart Control is far more convenient as it prevents constant manual adjustment and saves up to 30% wasted in running costs. Faster solution to the problem of damp and condensation with lower running costs.

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Low running costs

Reduces running costs by up to 32.4%. By learning about your home, we can optimise when the dehumidifier runs and reduce running costs accordingly.

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Suitable for all house sizes

Removes exactly the right amount of moisture to stop and prevent damp and condensation problems in all UK homes

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Fully enclosed water container

A large 2.5 litre, fully enclosed water container ensures no spillage, easy to empty and you won’t need to empty it every day.

Hidden water container

Hidden water container

Integrated inside the unit. Easy to open, and integrated handle makes in easy to remove.


Changeable filters

Carbon, anti-bacterial and pollen filters help clean the air as we reduce moisture.

Slim Unobtrusive

Slim & unobtrusive

Our slim profile fits against any wall in any room. With a depth of just 10.6 inches (26.5cm) and a width of 13.6 inches (34cm)


50 years of dehumidifier manufacturing expertise

The most trusted dehumidifier brand

For 50 years Ebac has advised the Government, the British Army, London Underground and many other major businesses on dehumidification. We are the only brand of dehumidifiers made in the UK for an uninterrupted 50 years.

Ebac has manufactured over 1 million dehumidifiers. We are the only company that actually makes dehumidifiers in the UK, specifically for the UK climate. We manufacture desiccant and refrigerant models with extraction rates up to 150 litres per day. We have made products for the Ministry of Defence, London Underground, the Channel Tunnel and have made custom products for retailers like Argos.

When you buy a dehumidifier from Ebac you can be 100% confident that it will solve your damp and condensation problems. We offer a money back guarantee in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied. Choosing a Ebac dehumidifier is the safest decision you will ever make.

Buying a dehumidifier can be a minefield. Watch our helpful guide.
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Auto shut off

The 3850e automatically shuts off when the water container is full. A red light indicates the unit needs emptied.

Rm3850 carry handles

Integrated carry handles

More the 3850e around easily with these integrated handles, two on the side and one behind.

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Cable tidy

Neatly and safely wrap the power cable on the integrated cable tidy.

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Castor kit*

The 3850e has the option of adding castors to help with moving the unit. Ordered separately and added by pushing them into the predrilled holes.