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All other dehumidifier brands such as Meaco, Dimplex, Delonghi and retailer own brands are manufactured overseas.

They are made to a specification that does not suit UK and European countries.

The UK has a wet, temperate climate. Ebac dehumidifiers are designed to work specifically in UK climatic conditions.

This ensures Ebac dehumidifiers remove damp and condensation faster and more economically than any other brand.

The UK has a very unique set of temperature and wet climatic conditions. Our weather systems invariably come from the west and carry a lot of moisture from the Atlantic ocean. This means that we suffer from condensation and dampness in the winter along with extensive flooding almost every year across the country.

To effectively deal with these conditions you need a dehumidifier that has been designed in the UK, specifically for use in the UK.

Our homes and style of building construction are also a major factor. These days, our homes are like sealed boxes. Double glazing, cavity wall insulation, roof insulation – all act to prevent air entering or leaving the home. This is good for energy efficiency but not so good for allowing control of excess moisture.
So we live in a climate with a lot of moisture and we live in houses that are sealed and we create lots of excess moisture through going about our daily routine – breathing, cooling, showering, laundry – all create excess moisture.

Ebac dehumidifiers are configured differently to work in UK homes to control condensation compared to working in tropical conditions. Our 44 years of extensive experience, expert knowledge and on-going research allows us to ensure Ebac dehumidifiers are the most effective dehumidifiers you can buy for use in typical UK conditions.

Ebac are the only company to offer a 100%, no quibble Condensation Cure Guarantee. This confidence comes from supplying over 1.25 million dehumidifiers over 30 years to UK households.

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