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They waste between £50 to £150 per year in running costs compared to Ebac as their manual controls can’t react to changes quickly enough

How a dehumidifier is controlled is a very important part of it’s operation

Ebac patented Smart Control ensures the dehumidifier only runs at the appropriate times, not too much - not too little

This saves you between £50 to £150 per year in running costs whilst still solving the damp and condensation problem

Energy control and efficiency is an important part of deciding what appliances we purchase. How a dehumidifier is controlled is a very important aspect of its operation both in terms of energy efficiency and solving the problem.

In order to control Relative Humidity (RH) – precision is required. The optimum RH to eliminate condensation and dampness depends on where a dehumidifier is placed, the outside temperature and the internal temperature.

To manage your dehumidifier to cope with these changing daily conditions you have two choices – Smart Control and Humidistat controlled.

Ebac’s Patented Smart Control

Ebac scientists have developed and patented a fully automatic intelligent humidistat called Smart Control.

Smart Control measures the RH changes throughout the day - depending on what is happening in your house and outside weather conditions. It then switches the dehumidifier on or off depending on those conditions. You can’t use the same humidistat setting all day as the RH will change frequently throughout the day.

Other dehumidifiers use humidistats, which have a fixed RH setting. Unless you’re able to gather data and reset the humidistat throughout the day - you’ll almost certainly be wasting huge amounts of energy.

The humidistat will run the dehumidifier to reach an arbitrary RH setting even although there is no excess moisture to remove.

Ebac’s test shows that this ‘over running’ will cost between £50 and £150 per year in additional running costs compared to an Ebac Smart Control dehumidifier.

Ebac’s Smart Control is a more technologically advanced way of controlling your dehumidifier that will save you money and solve your damp and condensation problems.

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