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Patented Smart Control

from Ebac Dehumidifiers

Ebac have developed a new way of controlling your dehumidifier called Smart Control.

Smart Control is intelligent electronic software which replaces a normal humidistat.

It is more effective at eliminating condensation and damp in your home and more energy efficient.

Smart Control can save you on average of £44 per year in running costs and in some cases up to as much as £100.

To understand how Smart Control works and why it is better than other humidistat’s is useful to understand more about condensation.

Why are ordinary humidistat’s not as effective as Smart Control.

Humidistat’s are similar to thermostats, but instead of measuring temperature they measure Relative Humidity. If you set a humidistat to 50% RH, when the RH in your home rises above 50% the dehumidifier with switch on and when it falls below 50% it will switch off.

Controlling a dehumidifier by only measuring RH is not an effective way of stopping condensation and damp in your home. Your home can have a high amount of moisture, but a low RH if the air temperature is high. In this instance the dehumidifier would be switched off when it should be on. Equally you can have a high RH but a low amount of moisture. Here the dehumidifier would be switched on when it doesn’t need to be, which is wasting energy and costing you money.

Another problem with a humidistat is that they cannot take into account the cold surface areas within your home. We have already identified that you can have a low RH, but a high moisture content if the air temperature is high. But if that warm air suddenly comes into contact with a cold surface area (a window pane), then condensation will form.

Smart Control is an Ebac patented British invention and is only available on Ebac Dehumidifiers.

Why is Smart Control better

Smart Control is an intelligent software system which automatically controls the operation of your Ebac dehumidifier. Smart Control constantly monitors the temperature and humidity within your home. It detects when the moisture levels are getting high (even if the RH is measuring low) and switches the dehumidifier on to make sure there is not a sufficient amount of excess moisture to cause condensation when the temperature falls. It also detects when the moisture levels are low (even if the RH is high) and switches the dehumidifier off which saves you money on running costs.

Smart Control is fully automatic. Once you switch your dehumidifier on and select Smart Control, you don’t need to make any adjustments to the controls, it simply runs and sleeps when it needs to.

Smart Control personalises your dehumidifier to your home. All homes are different. Different sizes, shapes, different number of habitants and habits. Smart Control takes hundreds of temperature and humidity readings every 24 hours from your home. It then programmes itself to operate over the next 24 hours based on the unique reading from your home. This process is continuous every 24 hours, and so Smart Control is constantly learning about the environment in your home and makes sure your dehumidifier only operates when it needs to and guarantees to eliminate your condensation and damp problems saving you on average of £44 per year when compared to humidistat controlled models.

Smart Control is a patented British invention and is only available on Ebac Dehumidifiers.

Smart Savings

A dehumidifier like the Ebac 2650e dehumidifier with Smart Control consumes approximately 1 unit of electricity in 3 hours. In a typical two story house with 3 people, heating used bedrooms a few hours a day in mid-winter, gave a total running cost of £114 when running from September to May. In comparison, a humidistat controlled dehumidifier running at a high setting and not adjusted daily could be costing around £200 per year.

On average the savings in running costs with an Ebac Smart Control dehumidifier are £44 per year. In some cases as mentioned this could be much higher at up to £100 of savings, in only 1 year with a Smart Control dehumidifier from Ebac. This is because most dehumidifier users we’ve surveyed don’t reset their humidistat very often, which means it tends to be set for the worst conditions, and therefore running when it doesn’t need to be.

If a humidistat is adjusted daily it’s possible to have lower running costs but getting the right setting isn’t easy, which is why the additional running costs can range from £26 to as much as £100 with £44 being the average.


It is worth remembering that running a dehumidifier does add heat to the home and therefore reduces the cost of heating. It also keeps unheated rooms dry, which would cost much more if they were heated to avoid dampness.

  Video of ebac dehumidifier Smart Control

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Ebac dehumidifier models with

Smart Control...

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6200e 25 Litre


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