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Smart Control ensures your dehumidifier runs when it should, preventing damp and condensation build up. Ebac dehumidifiers guarantee to solve your damp & condensation problems faster.
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Other dehumidifiers ‘switch off’ too soon & don’t solve your damp and condensation issues quickly enough.

Other dehumidifiers ‘switch off’ when they reach a certain Relative Humidity (RH) level.

The ideal RH level varies through the day based on the external temperature.

Ebac’s Smart Control technology constantly monitors and changes the dehumidifier stetting’s to ensure excess moisture is removed regardless of short term RH levels.

We guarantee Ebac’s Smart Control dehumidifiers will solve your damp and condensation issues faster than any other brand or we will give you your money back.

When you have a damp and condensation problem, you need a fast solution. Damp and condensation damages your property and impacts your health, so it’s imperative to deal with the causes quickly.

To ensure damp and condensation are eliminated; your dehumidifier needs to run at the appropriate times. This is almost impossible for standard humidistat controlled dehumidifiers.

Relative Humidity (RH) is the key factor that dehumidifiers measure to determine whether to switch on or off.

Humidistats are not good at ensuring the dehumidifier is ‘switched on’ at the correct time.

Ebac’s patented Smart Control doesn’t work like a basic humidistat. Smart Control takes readings through the day and stores this over a 7 day period. It then predicts when the peak levels of RH will occur and switches the dehumidifier on even if the RH may be low at that time.

Smart Control has been proven to reduce damp and condensation faster than other dehumidifiers and carries Ebacs unique Condensation Cure Guarantee.

When standard humidistat dehumidifiers detect a higher RH, they switch on the dehumidifier. However there is a big problem with this.

The dehumidifier only records the RH near its location, so the RH at the dehumidifier location could be acceptable whilst the RH near a cold window or wall may be at dangerously high levels.

The humidistat controlled dehumidifier may switch off when it should switch on. meaning it will never solve your on-going problem with damp and condensation – switching off when it should be on.

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