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Ease of use

Which? also do not consider the ease of use of dehumidifiers. Emptying the water container can be a major inconvenience. Ebac’s fully enclosed and balanced water jug style is completely unique but not considered by Which?

Shipping CO2 footprint

Every other dehumidifier on sale in the UK today other than Ebac, is shipped from China. This has a 10x greater Co2 impact on the climate. Which? do not factor this into their scoring.

Running costs

If you do not factor in the impact of a poor humidistat control system, you cannot give accurate data on true, real-life running costs. Therefore the Which? running cost scoring method is totally inaccurate.

Data sample size

There are over 1 million Ebac dehumidifiers being used in the UK and some of these machines are over 10 years old. When performing their tests Which? did not select a proportionate sample size from all brands of all ages.


A number of years ago Ebac stopped paying for the rights to use the Which? logo on our products. We felt it was expensive and ultimately not good value for money. Since then we’ve had nothing but unfavourable reviews of all our products. Is this a coincidence?

We have reached out to Which? many many times over the past 5 years to try and help them understand dehumidifiers and improve their test to make it more accurate for consumers and fair for all brands of dehumidifiers. They refuse to work with us.

Ebac believes in the principle of looking out for consumers and championing their cause. We have been doing this for 50 years. We do not believe Which? come close to helping consumers with their dehumidifier selection.