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Dual Fill


The Cold (And Hot), Hard Facts

Years ago most Washing Machines were fitted with 2 inlet pipes – one hot feed and one cold feed. Fast forward to 2019 and it is almost impossible to find a Washing Machine which is not fitted with just a cold feed… Well, until now.

The Washing Machine That Works With The Sun

What Is Dual Fill?

When it comes to traditional cold feed Washing Machines when hot water is required, it is heated inside the drum using electricity and Ebac wanted to change that.

Through sending renewably heated water into a Washing Machine, it doesn’t just offer the benefit of shorter wash times and lower running costs, but the knowledge that our carbon footprint will be reduced.

It's Time To Mix Things Up

How Does Dual Fill Work?

The Washing Machine mixes the hot and cold water it needs, monitors the temperature to protect clothes and gives a fast and economical wash each time. But not just that, removing the need to heat the water prolongs the heating element’s life.

Take Care Of Your Reds, Whites and Blues

What Are The Benefits?

With an Ebac Washing Machine, you can utilise greener sources of hot water saving up to 29% in energy consumption and up to 39 minutes in wash time, leaving you time to do more important things.

If using a hot water source like solar PV, you’re essentially heating hot water for free!

Based on the allergy care programme comparing an Ebac Dual Fill versus Cold Fill.

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