Ducted Systems

Both Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) and Dehumidifier with Heat Recovery (DHR) require ducting and various ancillary parts.

DHR inherently requires less ducting as air terminals are not required in every room making it appeal more to retrofit applications. 

MVHR is likely to require a range of different types of ducting such as rigid, semi-rigid and even limited amounts of flexible. Dependant of the project, manifold boxes, plenums and silencers all need to be considered for the optimal system.

It is essential that in both applications, the correct ducting is chosen;

• Long lengths of flexible ducting will increase system pressure resulting in the unit working harder than required

• Poor quality ducting can result in mould build up over time

• Traditional rigid ducting only systems can result in "Cross-Talk" between rooms on the same air path.

Ebac have working relationships with various reputable manufacturers and distributors of all ancillary parts. As each application differs, using this approach allows Ebac to pick and choose the best parts for that particular project for the best possible outcome. 

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