Using a dehumidifier is cheaper than heating your home all day

Not only does a dehumidifier remove excess moisture, but it also emits heat. An Ebac dehumidifier has internal heat exchangers that recover heat about 4500 BTU’s over a full day. The combination of removing moisture and emitting heat means your heating system will run less, saving the equivalent of about 300 electricity units per day.



Cutting your costs, fighting your corner

Founder, Martin Lewis Editor-in-Chief, Marcus Herbert

”…people living in places where it's damp might have to turn the central heating on for longer. Martin added: "There are some engineers who argue that keeping the heating on low with all the radiators on and the boiler down can work as it reduces condensation, which when the heating is turned off collects within the walls, and can help conduct heat outside the home - meaning you lose heat more quickly and so will lose heat more quickly and will use more energy as a result.” Martin Lewis

Keeping the air warmer reduces the RH but does not reduce excess moisture. The excess moisture will still travel through walls and will condense as the wall gets cooler as it approaches the outside. This creates interstitial condensation.

£325 saving

on your heating bill

Using a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture is a very energy-efficient way to keep your home warm. By using a dehumidifier instead of keeping your heating on, will allow you to save around £325 per year on your heating bill.

70% cheaper

than heating your home

The extraction ratings you see on some manufacturers' products make false claims about the extraction rate. The rates quoted are only possible with 80% humidity and 22°C temperatures. These are like the conditions in the Amazon jungle and never experienced in the UK.