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Perfect Wash Protection

PWP Technology automatically checks the drum balance and adjusts spin speeds and wash times automatically to protect your clothes and the machine.

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Very Quiet Operation

Anti vibration technology, ultra quiet inverter driven brushless motor and high quality UK manufactured components ensure great washing with very low noise.

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28 min Quick Wash

Many clothes just need a quick freshen up. The 28 min quick wash gives a great clean for lightly worn clothes.


Sensitive Skin

Use the Extra rinse setting to remove even more detergent particles from the clothes. Ideal for people with particularly sensitive skin. We add 50% more water in the rinsing process to flush out more detergent.

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Easy Iron

Reduce creasing and make ironing easier with the easy iron setting. Unique drum rotation process reduces creases in your clothes by gentler agitation and spinning operations.

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Load Anytime

Forget to load a sock? No problem simply press pause, open the door and add any forgotten items to the wash. No water will escape, and your load is complete with no delays.

Hot or Cold Fill options

Take advantage of pre heated water from solar energy or a hot tank and reduce your laundry costs. The hot fill option allows your plumb a hot feed directly to the washing machine and save around £49 in running costs. 29% less electricity is used every wash and programs run up to 39 mins quicker.

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Hydro Fin Paddles

3 unique paddles with special agitation design maximise wash performance and gets your washing really clean.

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Jet propelled cleaning

Our additional recirculating jet pump ensures water is injected throughout the drum to improve washing dynamics.

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Super Efficient

Precision 360 technology sensors weigh your load and calculates the exact amount of water and energy to use for maximum cleaning and performance efficiency.

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Delayed Start

Press the delayed start button and the machine can be set to complete for when you return from work – ensuring your load stays fresh before drying.

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Low Noise Program

Our technology innovation that is used throughout the world – The Ebac Watertrail. We produce millions of Watertrails per year to drive our watercooler business.

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Extra Strong Plastics

Washing machine product requires some very specialist equipment. Massive metal press’, robots to lift and move the machines. Drum formation and assembly.

6 years ago, these families purchased an Ebac washing machine

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We’ve sold thousands of Washing Machines, hear from customers who’ve had and Ebac a long time.

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The Smith Family

Purchased: 8th May 2016

“We had a Ebac dehumidifier before so we knew the quality would be good, but the Washing machine exceeded our expectations. 6 years later – we are delighted with the decision we made.”

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Alan Anderson

Purchased: 10th October 2015

“I’d never heard of Ebac before but I thought I would take a chance as they offered a 7 year warranty. I’m happy to say I’ve not had 1 issue in nearly 7 years and it’s still going as well as it did on the first day.”

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Jane MacDonald

Purchased: 11th June May 2016

“I was looking for value for money. I chose Ebac because I prefer to buy British and it was good value compared to Miele. I’ve never had an issue since the day I got it and would highly recommend.”

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The Leonard Family

Purchased: 1st December 2015

“It was recommended to us by our local intendent retailer and I’m so glad we listen to him. It’s been brilliant. We hammer it all the time with load and load and it’s never failed us once.”

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Repairable and Serviceable

With a two piece drum design, every Ebac washing machine is repairable and serviceable. Replacing bearing or fixing damaged caused by accidents is straightforward and the lifespan of the machine can be extended through repair. The majority of lower cost machines have seal drums that cannot be repaired and must be disposed of if they need repaired.

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3600 perfect apertures

Ebac’s drum technology has 3600 perfect apertures to allow water and detergent to penetrate deep into laundry for deep cleaning. Our unique wash paddles agitate your washing to remove dirt, grime and odours in no time. All whilst taking the utmost care of your garments and protecting them from damage.

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Automatic Drum Cleaning

Integrated drum cleaning cycle eliminates odors, kills bacteria and remove dirt and grime that may collect in the drum, pipes and
associated areas. Keep your machine in pristine condition by using automatic drum cleaning once per month.

A colour explosion

White, Grey, Silver or any design you want

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Extra large Porthole Door

One of the largest door openings in the industry allows you to load and unload washing far easier than smaller doors.

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Cast Flywheel

The flywheel connects the drum to the inverter driven brushless motor and withstands huge forces and speed. A cast flywheel is stronger, more durable and robust than other fabricated versions.

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Durable bearings

High quality and durable bearings give the drum and your laundry a smooth ride. The bearings handle massive centrifugal forces and are a small but critical component in your machine.