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The strongest, most durable and dependable washing machine on the market.

The strongest, most durable and dependable washing machine on the market.

Your washing machine is the workhorse of the home. Even in a single day, any interruption is inconvenient. Ebac have engineered our machines to be the most reliable washing machines on the market.

Ebac is a UK based company with almost 50 years experience of making products that are very reliable. We've designed and manufactured equipment for the Construction industry, The British Army, Railway Rolling Stock Companies and many other global businesses like Coca-Cola, Nestle and Argos. Ebac Washing Machines have been engineered and manufactured to last. The components we use are the best we can make and source anywhere in the world.

Speak to our team

Our expert team are trained to answer all your
questions and can give you any information you need.

Speak to our team

Our expert team are trained to answer all your
questions and can give you any information you need.

100,000 Hours

Of research, development and testing to make the most durable and reliable washing you can buy.

10 Years of Use

We've engineered Ebac washing machines to do 1 wash every day for 10 years. That's 3,650 washes.

Proof: 4.5 Stars

Ebac machines are being used everyday by thousands of customers around the UK. They have awarded us 4.5 stars on Trustpilot.

Brushless Motor

We chose to use a more expensive brushless motor in all Ebac washing machines as there are no friction baring parts like brushes. This makes the machine more reliable, lasts a longer time and makes it much quieter.

Strong Bearings

The bearings inside your washing machine drum have to handle huge centrifugal forces. We chose the best quality bearings to ensure your machine lasts a long time.

Service Engineer Interview
Barry Temple of TDA
Repairs explains
why he endorses Ebac
washing machines.
Service Engineer Interview
Stephen Farr of
MK Dart tells us
why Ebac machines are
more reliable.
Service Engineer Interview
Malcolm Williams of
Appliance Service Centre
tells us why he is
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When you purchase any Ebac product, you can be assured of outstanding quality and reliability.

...It is built really well and has loads of washing options. I particularly like the fact you can create your own and program it in to use as you require. It’s nice and quiet and really cleans clothes deep down. Overall so far excellent British made product

Mrs Gillooly


The Ebac washes as well as the Hotpoint (excellent, no water consumption limits in those days) and better than the Bosch (eco).... The machine is quiet, well made (I am a mechanical design engineer) and a good ergonomic design. I have no connection to Ebac.

Martin Welch


...The materials of construction are first rate and robust ... form and function is the equal or greater than of any other manufacturer in the class ... in use it is very intuitive ... the results are perfect. I'd definitely recommend the product.



Thick Metal Frame

Ebac uses thicker steel - 0.8mm to be exact, in all our machine casing and structures.

What does this mean?

Having a strong casing ensures there is less vibration, less noise and ensures the machine lasts longer.

Brushless Inverter Motor

The motor is a key part of the washing machine. Ebac uses a brushless inverter motor that is more expensive than standard motors.

What does this mean?

A brushless motor lasts much longer as there are no friction brushes and it makes less noise, so your machine is quieter.

Durable Plastics

Ebac manufacture all our own plastics. We are plastic moulding experts. We have engineered highly durable plastic compounds and create these parts on site to very high specifications.

What does this mean?

Strong plastic components are key to ensuring your machine is durable and reliable. For example - we pull out the detergent drawer hundreds of times a year – it’s important they this is very strong.

Strong Pump System

A strong and durable pump is essential to move water in and out of the machine. Ebac use a high quality generation 2 pump mechanism.

What does this mean?

A pump has to do a lot of work and it’s important to have a strong and reliable pump like Ebac’s.

Two Piece Drum

Every Ebac machine has a two piece drum. Most other washing machines at this price range have a cheaper one piece drum.

What does this mean?

Having a two piece drum is better, it’s stronger and can be serviced and repaired easier.

Large Strong Door

Ebac’s door is 30% larger than most other brands. We achieve this through making very strong plastic and metal compounds.

What does this mean?

A large door makes it far easier to load and unload your machine. Many other machines give the impression of a large door but are actually small.

High Quality Bearings

The drum rotates on bearings. The bearings in your Ebac washing machine are the highest quality.

What does this mean?

Bearings are under a huge amount of force and need to be strong to prevent noise, movement and improve reliability.

Strong & Simple Control Panel

The control panel is used every time you use the machine. We have constructed a simple and strong panel to make it easy to use your machine.

What does this mean?

Simple buttons and dials make it very easy to select the programme and settings you need, saving you time.

Plasma Welded Drum

Ebac drums are plasma welded to ensure a strong and solid join. Plasma welding is an extremely powerful and robust method of joining drums.

What does this mean?

A strongly welded drum ensures greater stability and reliability in your machine.

All backed by a 3 year warranty

Every component and promise we make here is backed by a complete parts and labour 3 year warranty.

What does this mean?

Complete peace of mind and security for 3 years, knowing you are complete covered.

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