Installation Process

The installation process of a DHR and MVHR system in UK homes requires careful planning and expertise to ensure a successful installation. Rigorous installation processes that follow all government guidelines and building regulations are required. DHR systems do not require ducting and are therefore a far simpler and more cost-effective solution. MVHR provides an entire air exchange and as such require ducting to key rooms in the house.

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Initial Enquiry

Through the use of the online form and speaking with an Ebac Service Advisor, all relevant information will be collected to understand the service required and how Ebac can help best.


Site Survey

A site survey is conducted to assess the requirements of the property and determine the best location for the DHR or MVHR unit. A full understanding of how the system will be installed and parts required will be collated. 

System Design

Based on the site survey, a bespoke design is created for the MVHR system, taking into account the size and layout of the property, as well as any specific requirements of the homeowner. The design will also include details on the type and placement of the ductwork, ventilation grilles, and other components required for the system.


Once the design is finalised, the installation process can begin. This involves installing the DHR or MVHR unit in the chosen location, which is typically in a loft or utility room. For MVHR, ductwork is then installed, which will include a series of insulated ducts that run from the MVHR unit to each room in the property. For DHR, ducting is only required at two central points on the adjacent floor to the attic. 

Unit Comissioning

For MVHR the process involves balancing all air valves to ensure adequate air flow is achieved at each air valve. A good quality install is critical to maximise performance, efficency and reduce noise.  For DHR, this process is easier as air valves do not need balancing and the unit has a simplified controls.


Once the MVHR system is installed and commissioned, a handover is carried out with the homeowner to explain how the system works and provide information on maintenance and operation. This includes guidance on how to clean the system, change filters, and operate the controls.

It is important to note that the installation process may vary depending on the specific requirements of the property and the type of DHR or MVHR system being installed. For example, a retrofit installation may require additional work to be carried out to accommodate the ductwork and ventilation grilles.

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