Intelligent Defrost

Other brands of dehumidifier have inefficient defrost systems

Ebac dehumidifiers manage this defrost process more efficiently than any other dehumidifier

Ebac’s patented Intelligent Defrost system is the best solution for dehumidifiers operating in the UK climate.

A dehumidifier designed to solve condensation and dampness problems in UK conditions will often operate below freezing point. This means the water removed freezes – which is a completely normal part of the process.

After a period of time there is a build-up of ice in the dehumidifier. This ice reduces the rate of moisture removal and must be removed in order for the dehumidifier to continue to function effectively.

The rate of Ice build-up depends on the temperature and relative humidity. The rate of build up can vary as much as 50%. A higher build-up of ice means the dehumidifier will run for a shorter period of time before the defrost function is started. The time to fully defrost the dehumidifier also varies depending on the air temperature around the dehumidifier.

Patented Intelligent Defrost

Ebac’s patented Intelligent Defrost system, identifies when the dehumidifier’s performance reduces from ice build up and then starts the defrost process before efficiency drops significantly. This ensures the dehumidifier has less ‘downtime’ in it’s main function of reducing excess moisture. Intelligent Defrost also determines when the defrost is complete and stops this process, again ensuring the dehumidifier has less ‘downtime’.

Why Ebac’s system is better

Ebac dehumidifiers have fewer defrost cycles than other dehumidifiers and the time of the defrost is shorter, thus making Ebac dehumidifiers more efficient and allow them to solve damp and condensation problems faster.

Other defrost systems are designed to operate after a set length of time and the defrost time is also pre-determined. Pre set times means it’s the minimum time needed to fill the dehumidifier system with ice. By having a shorter time than required it means there are more defrost cycles than are required which affects overall efficiency.

The defrosting time is also set to the maximum, which again means that most defrost cycles are longer than required.

Ebac’s Intelligent Defrost system ensures your dehumidifier runs to an optimal level all the time.