Mould has long microscopic fibres called hyphae. These hyphae length and grow. From a very small patch of mould, large areas can be covered in quite a short space of time. The mould also releases spores that can travel through the air to other parts of your house. They land where nutrients are available and moisture then starts to grow on that surface too. According to the NHS, mould and damp can affect your health.

Mould is more likely to form in homes with poor ventilation. It can cause respiratory illnesses, allergies and asthma. Avoiding excess humidity, condensation on surfaces and excess moisture in materials will decrease the chance of mould growth.

Having mould in your home can be harmful to your health. An effective way to avoid mould growth is to ensure the air in your house is of good quality. By using a dehumidifier you will maintain better air quality.

Mould isn't something you'd like to see in your home. It can cause skin irritations, asthma and respiratory problems, among others.

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What causes mould?

Mould is a microscopic fungus that is usually shades of black, blue, red, and green. Mould spores are invisible to the naked eye. Some are beneficial like yeasts and penicillin, but others are damaging.

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Is mould dangerous?

Mould can be a health risk. The fungus can produce allergens. Allergens can cause allergic reactions. Typically when you breathe in or touch mould spores it may induce reactions like sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and skin rash. Mould exposure can also irritate the eyes, skin, nose, throat and lungs.

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According to the World Health organisation, people are 40% more likely to have asthma when living in a damp or mouldy conditions.

You’ll be surprised at how much excess moisture is in your home

An Ebac dehumidifier only removes EXCESS moisture. Your home will not become too dry. If the moisture level drops to a safe level Ebac’s Smart Control automatically switches off the dehumidifier. Ebac dehumidifiers to maintain the perfect humidity for your home. Not too dry and not too moist. The perfect humidity level for comfort and protection. A typical home should remove up to 2 litres of moisture a day to prevent issues.

“We’ve had a condensation issue for many years but didn’t believe a dehumidifier could solve it until we tried Ebac.”

Every morning we would come down to pools of condensation on our windows and window sills. We couldn’t quite believe that a dehumidifier would actually work. But it did. 24 hours after trying one we started to see a difference and within 7 days the problem was gone.

“We get damp patches in some rooms around the house. These tend to be rooms that are not used and are unheated.”

We had tried a cheap dehumidifier from Amazon before, but it made no difference – so we were reluctant to try one again. But a friend said Ebac was better so we tried. Within a few days we were removing about 2 litres of water per day and within 3 or 4 days the damp was gone.

“Everyday we had condensation until we tried the Ebac dehumidifier”

We were very sceptical so took advantage of Ebac’s 30 days no quibble money back guarantee. Within 24 hours we were emptying large amounts of water and it solved the problem in a few days. We were very surprised it worked.

“All the mould and damp spots were gone in 3 days.”

We get mould and damp in our conservatory every winter. Pretty much every since it was built. The windows get condensation in winter too. Since we got the dehumidifier it attracts the excess water that used to collect in the conservatory. 3 days after using the Ebac dehumidifier the condensation was done and the damp spots too.

“We didn’t think it would make a difference but it did”

We had heard of dehumidifiers before but didn’t think one was necessary. We have a small amount of damp and a little condensation but nothing too severe. We tried an Ebac dehumidifier more out of curiosity and couldn’t believe how much water it removes. The house feels a lot better.

“We live in a bungalow and get quite severe condensation”

We thought about a dehumidifier but sorting out which was the best was a nightmare with different types and sizes. Our neighbour got an Ebac dehumidifier and said it worked. So we got one and it worked for us too. No more condensation.

Our recommendations for first time buyers

7 day risk free trial to prove that it works.

Try an Ebac dehumidifier for 7 days. If at the end of the trial, you are not completely satisfied, you will not be charged and you can return the dehumidifier free of charge. 100% of all delivery costs will be paid by Ebac. Our 7 day trial is no quibble. You will not be pressured to keep the product – if you are not happy you simply do not have to keep it.

How much does a Ebac dehumidifier cost to run?

Ebac dehumidifiers have an ingenious control system called Smart Control. This reduces running costs by 30% compared to dehumidifiers without this system. Your Ebac dehumidifiers cost as little as £0.45p per day, a small price to remove excess moisture.

Speak to our UK based experts

Still not sure if a dehumidifier is right for you? Speak to one of our expert UK advisors who can answer any questions relating to your specific problem or home. We love talking to customers and will be delighted to help.

Over 6 million homes have hidden damp, condensation and mould

Ebac have sold over 1 million dehumidifiers. As an island nation, with a fairly wet climate, excess moisture is a very common problem for almost every home. In over 6 million homes it can become a big issue but really every home should be managing excess moisture better.