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All plastic parts on every Ebac product is manufactured in house at BCM. We have plastic moulding machines for every part imaginable.

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Sheet Metal

From the chassis for watercoolers, to industrial strength dehumidifiers our sheet metal team handle it all with ease.



Electronic controls and microchips are the focus of Xcel. Our team make all the PCB’s and electronics for all Ebac products.

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The Super Line

Our 50 person super line assembles all the dehumidifiers and watercoolers. We can make a dehumidifier every 4 mins and a watercooler every 3 mins.

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Trail Room

Our technology innovation that is used throughout the world – The Ebac Watertrail. We produce millions of Watertrails per year to drive our watercooler business.

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Washing Machines

Washing machine product requires some very specialist equipment. Massive metal press’, robots to lift and move the machines. Drum formation and assembly.