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  • EBAC RM85

    Industrial grade

    A powerhouse dehumidifier with compressor-based technology. Can remove up to 30l of water per day. Fast, dependable and reliable.

    Simple control system

    Set any level of humidity you require and let the RM85 do the rest!

    Guaranteed to solve all problems

    A powerful system that can solve any issue.

    Permanent drain

    All water is removed and piped externally, or down a drain. Water can be pumped to a height of 3m.

    Huge extraction rate

    Will remove up to 30l of water per day. Ideal for leaks, floods, basements, carpet cleaning, laundries and garages.

    Super durable housing

    Robust and reliable, a top-performing machine that can handle any condition and be transported around with ease.


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