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Condensation - Here’s How to Fix It

Author: Ebac Limited

March 2021

Stop Condensation From Causing Damage To Your Home

Condensation is stopped from damaging your home

Modern houses are like sealed boxes. Moisture is created through doing everyday activities such as showering, cooking and even just breathing. Condensation forms when the cool air outside makes windows and others surfaces cold, attracting the moisture in the air inside your home. A dehumidifier attracts this excess moisture and collects it in a water container for safe disposal. Drying laundry, cooking and showering are just some of the things that cause a build-up of excessive moisture on the air in your home. Getting rid of condensation is not as easy as opening windows or doors. To solve this problem in the right way, a dehumidifier is needed.

Condensation can cause many problems in and around your home. The excess moisture can penetrate into the walls and any wall cavities and cause structural deterioration. A more obvious result of excess moisture in the home is the growth of mould in various places around your house.

Here’s how a dehumidifier solves the problem.

Dehumidifiers act as the coolest point within your home so that any of this excess moisture in the air is attracted to this, rather than your walls and windows. A dehumidifier then collects and stores the water safely, for you to then easily dispose of down the sink.

Here are our top three things to keep in mind when dealing with condensation in your home;

  1. To avoid any unnecessary moisture in the air, dry your washed clothes either in one single room in the house with a dehumidifier, or outside. By doing this in one room, it makes sure that the moisture does not travel between the rooms in your home and cause any damage to the house’s structure.
  2. When cooking or using the bathroom, close any and all doors. This stops the spread of the water particles in the air from room to room and keeps the moisture contained within one room.
  3. Use a dehumidifier! By keeping your Ebac dehumidifier on all day, the Smart Control feature will make sure that it extracts the right amount of water from the air depending on how many people are in your home and the temperature of your home. This Smart Control feature constantly monitors the conditions within your home to provide you with the optimum solution.

When you purchase an Ebac dehumidifier you have complete peace of mind. That’s because all Ebac dehumidifiers carry a 100% Condensation Cure guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied that your Ebac dehumidifier has solved your problem. Simply contact our customer service team who will arrange for a full no quibble refund.

Ebac are the only company to give a 100%, no quibble Condensation Cure Guarantee. This confidence comes from supplying over 1.2m million dehumidifiers over 30 years to UK households.

Stop condensation with a dehumidifier
Condensation - Here’s How to Fix It
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