Ebac believes that every employee has a vital part to play in the successful running of the business, combined with an open door policy and non-hierarchal structure people are encouraged to put forward their opinions and ideas.

The dynamic culture pushes boundaries, encouraging employees to think outside the box and have the opportunity to make a major difference within the organisation.

With a variety of brands and products ranging from dehumidifiers and water coolers to washing machines, there are diverse and challenging opportunities across a range of disciplines.

From Ebac’s inception, we have seen many people who work here grow and develop skills they never knew they had. As they grow the business grows with them, pushing boundaries and challenging norms.

Ebac is truly an innovative business full of special people.

Ebac is a single-status organisation. We don’t have executive toilets or car parking spaces for directors. We believe everyone is equal and crucial to our current and future success.

We’re not bureaucratic, we have a lean entrepreneurial structure that allows us to move in directions and into markets in ways other less flexible companies cannot.

We love talent. If you excel in your field – whatever field that may be – we will value a discussion with you. It doesn’t matter whether you have an MBA or no qualifications whatsoever, if you have the right attitude, the right ability and want to work here, we will be interested in you.

If you think you have what it takes to be successful here, we want to hear from you. Whether it be on one of our production lines as an operator, in our marketing team or as our next Managing Director, if you have talent, we are interested.

Current Vacancies

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