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Delivery & Returns

Where is my order?

Check the status of your order here. Alternatively if you have been waiting over 2 weeks then please contact us on 0345 805 0000. For Washing Machines, please contact your retailer direct.

Where do you deliver?

Delivery is available to the UK mainland only for washing machines, and the UK mainland plus the Isle of Man and Isle of Wight for dehumidifiers. We are unfortunately unable to deliver to all offshore isles including but not limited to Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Scottish Isles, Shetland and Orkney.

While we are not able to offer direct delivery to these areas, we are striving to increase our retailer presence, please check our store locator to find your nearest retailer.

How will my items be delivered?

Please see our delivery policy here.

Do I have to wait in for my delivery?

All dehumidifier and washing machine orders will require a signature by someone over 18 unless you have made prior arrangements with the courier yourself. Most accessories dispatched by Royal Mail will fit through a standard letterbox however, if not you will be left a card from them.

How long does it normally take for items to arrive?

Please see our delivery policy here.

How much does delivery cost?

Find all delivery options and costs here.

What’s the cut off for next day delivery?

UK Next Working Day Delivery is available for all Dehumidifier orders placed before 12 noon Monday to Thursday and before 10:00 am on Fridays.

Can I specify a preferred delivery date?

Washing machine delivery dates are not guaranteed. Our approved logistics provider will make contact via. a phone call to confirm the delivery date and time after purchase.

How do I track my order?

Please see our delivery policy here.

What is your return policy?

Read our returns policy here.

How can I return my item?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for free within 60 days. Simply contact us in writing, email or telephone to organise a return. For washing machines, please contact your retailer.

Account, Payments and Warranty

Do I have to create an account to make a purchase online?

No, you do not have to create an account to make a purchase online, however, you will be provided with the option to create an account during the checkout process. By creating an account you can see all activity associated with that account.

How can I view/update my account details?

If you have an active account, you can log in to your account here, you’ll then be able to see all activity associated with that account.

I have forgotten my password.

If, for any reason, you’ve forgotten your password, please visit here. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.

I’ve lost my proof of purchase

If, for any reason, you have lost your proof of purchase having purchased from Ebac Direct please contact us on 0345 805 0000. If your item was purchased by an online or high street retailer then you will need to contact them directly.

How do I get a vat receipt for my purchase?

Having purchased from Ebac Direct if you require a VAT receipt please contact us on 0345 805 0000. If your item was purchased by an online or high street retailer then you will need to contact them directly.

Can I make a purchase by calling?

Yes, call 0345 805 0000 and speak to one of our Customer Service Advisors to place an order. Our call centre is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (excluding Bank Holiday).

I can’t place my order online, what should I do?

If you are unable to place an order online, you can call us and order on 0345 805 0000.

How do I cancel an order?

The right to cancel an order must be in writing, by email or by telephone and your statutory rights apply (contact details can be found at the bottom of this page). For Washing Machines, please contact your retailer direct.

Can I use PayPal to pay for my order?

Yes you can choose to pay for your order using Paypal at checkout.

Will I be charged for using my credit card?

No. Ebac will not charge you for using your credit card when making a purchase on our website.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes Ebac use a registered secured payment provider for the transaction which will protect any information you share with us, including your name, address and your credit card details.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Switch/Maestro and Visa Debit. Unfortunately AMEX is not accepted.

When does my guarantee start?

If you buy directly from us your warranty is registered straight away and begins from the day you receive your item. If you do not buy directly from us, your warranty will begin immediately from the date of purchase however you must register this warranty within 30 days from purchase. Washing Machines must be registered within 28 days of purchase.

Do I get a warranty?

Yes, all products come with a standard warranty. The length of the warranty will depend upon the product.

Click here to register a warranty of a product purchased through one of our approved retailers.

Dehumidifiers & Washing Machines

What’s the right size dehumidifier for me?

You may have heard that picking the right dehumidifier can depend on the size of your home. That’s not entirely accurate, for example, 2 people in a 5 bedroom house will need to remove less moisture than 2 people in a 2 bedroom house, because the bigger house has more capacity to hold the moisture.

Dehumidifiers have different extraction capacities and as a general guide, the more people in the home, the more excess moisture that needs to be removed. However a unit with a larger capacity will cost less to run than a smaller unit, providing it has a good control system. An “oversized” unit will run less than a smaller unit to extract the same amount of moisture. They usually extract more moisture per unit of electricity and by running less frequently they last longer. Our dehumidifiers are labelled with suitability, based on occupants, in order to help you decide which dehumidifier is right for you. We’d recommend watching our how to choose a dehumidifier video at for more information on dehumidifier suitability.

What does the extraction rate mean?

The extraction rate is the amount of water that can be extracted in 24 hours.

What is the difference between the extraction rate and the water container size?

The extraction rate on a dehumidifier is the amount of water your dehumidifier will extract per day and the water container size is the amount of water your dehumidifier can hold at any one time.

How much does a dehumidifier cost to run?

The cost of running a dehumidifier is reduced greatly with Ebac’s Patented Smart Control.

Smart control can save about half of the running cost of a typical dehumidifier, between £30 and £55 per annum.

An Ebac dehumidifier from the 2000 series will cost around 23p to remove a litre of water, a typical saving of 14p per litre of water extracted.

Will I need to replace any parts on my dehumidifier?

The only thing you should need to replace on your dehumidifier is the filters as and when required.

How long will it take for my condensation to clear?

You should start to notice an improvement in your condensation after just 1 day; however, it could take up to a month to get excess moisture in your home under control.

We are so confident that an Ebac dehumidifier will resolve your condensation problem that we are offering a 30 day condensation cure guarantee. This is a no quibble money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your Ebac dehumidifier, we will refund your purchase price.

Where does the water come from?

The list is virtually endless; running a shower or bath, boiling a kettle, cooking a meal, doing the dishes and drying laundry all increase the level of moisture in your home.

Even something as simple as breathing, the weather and climate can add to the problem, creating condensation and damp.

How quickly will the water container fill up?

This depends on how much excess moisture is in the air. At first you will probably find your dehumidifier collects as much as 2 containers of water per day, but after it removes the initial moisture from the air it will slow down and you will probably find yourself emptying the water container every 1-2 days.

How much moisture will I generate in a day?

Two people will generate 24 pints of moisture at home in one single day and up to two pints of this moisture cannot be absorbed by your home.

Can I set a smart control dehumidifier to a specific Relative Humidity?

No. Our Smart Control works by removing excess moisture within the air rather than working to a specific RH, as this is by far the best and most efficient way to run.

What is smart control?

Ebac have developed a way of controlling your dehumidifier, called Smart Control.

Smart Control is an intelligent electronic software that replaces a normal humidistat.

Smart Control is unique as it takes readings throughout the day allowing it to determine, with an algorithm, the best time to run. The optimum relative humidity varies depending on the activities within your home and the weather outside. As the optimum relative humidity changes this means you would need to change the humidistat on your dehumidifier regularly; some dehumidifiers only have settings that are in 5% steps. This would mean that if the optimum is 47% you could chose 50% which means the dehumidifier will not run enough, or you could chose 45% it means the dehumidifier is running too much.

Smart Control is more effective at eliminating condensation and damp; it’s also more energy efficient and can save about half of your running costs, between £30 & £50 per annum.

Smart Control is fully automatic. Once you switch your dehumidifier on and select Smart Control, you don’t need to make any adjustments to the controls; it simply runs and sleeps when it needs to.

What warranty do I get with a dehumidifier?

We are so proud and sure of the quality of our products that when you buy a dehumidifier from us you will receive a standard warranty which varies by model type; please see our website for confirmation of standard warranty terms. We also offer you the option to upgrade this term to a maximum 5 year warranty at a supplement.

Will damp in my home affect my health?

Yes! Excess moisture can cause damp and mould, which produces allergens (something that causes allergies). These can be harmful to everyone but especially to babies, children, elderly people and people that suffer from asthma and have skin problems.

What is intelligent defrost?

In order to continue to operate effectively, a dehumidifier needs to defrost, just like your freezer. A dehumidifier in defrost mode is not removing moisture, so defrosting should be minimised. Ebac’s Patented Intelligent Defrost optimises the defrost frequency and duration, keeping the dehumidifier running more frequently and more efficiently. Ebac dehumidifiers are the only dehumidifiers that do this.

Will I need to service my dehumidifier?

The only thing you should need to replace on your dehumidifier is the filters; this should be done every 3 months.

My dehumidifier has stopped collecting water – what can I do?

The first thing to check is that the dehumidifier is not on air purification mode (see instruction manual for details). No water is collected in this mode. The second thing to check is that your filters are not clogged up. Remove the filter and run your machine for 24 hours without the filter. If it now collects water, you need to buy a new filter. If the machine is still not collecting water then call our customer services team on 0345 805 0000 who will arrange for your machine to be looked at by our in house service engineers.

Why does my dehumidifier never seems to be on / my dehumidifier always seems to be on?

If you are running your dehumidifier on Smart Mode it sometimes appears that the dehumidifier is always on or not on at all. This is particularly the case in the first few days of running the dehumidifier. The way that Smart Control works is to constantly monitor the excess moisture in the air and use its artificial intelligence to calculate exactly when it needs to operate and when it needs to be off. This makes it the most efficient dehumidifier on the market. So sometimes it may appear to be on or off for no reason, but trust Smart Control to know best. Smart Control dehumidifiers are designed to be left plugged in 24 hours a day and if you do unplug the machine, the learning process will start again, so the machine will be operating more after turning it back on.

Why did I used to have to empty my water bucket every day, now I only have to empty it every three days?

This shows that your dehumidifier is doing a great job and bringing the excess moisture in your house under control. The time between emptying buckets is likely to keep diminishing unless something changes within the house.

Where should I put my dehumidifier?

For tackling problems like condensation we would recommend placing your dehumidifier in a central place, such as a hallway, keeping all doors slightly a jar. If you have certain problem areas that you would like the dehumidifier to fix then simply place it in that room/area until the problem is under control, then move the dehumidifier to a central place.

Can I clean my filters?

We suggest you vacuum your filters monthly to ensure optimum performance. Alternatively you can purchase replacement filters from the accessories section on our website.

How do I permanently drain my dehumidifier?

All Ebac dehumidifiers offer permanent drainage functionality. In order to take advantage of such functionality you can purchase a permanent drainage kit direct from Ebac – they’re simple to use and offer a simple solution.

How do I dry my clothes with my dehumidifier?

Using a dehumidifier to dry your clothes is one of the great advantages of owning a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is a cheaper alternative to a tumble dryer with no shrinking and a lot less creasing of your garments. It is also great for any clothes which cannot be tumble dried. All you need to do is to put your clothes on a clothes airer in a room with the door left ajar and make sure that your dehumidifier is switched on. If your dehumidifier has a dedicated laundry mode, use this, if not make sure the fan speed is switched to full. It takes on average around 8 hours to dry laundry with a dehumidifier.

Will my dehumidifier extract the water from my toilet or fish tank?

No, your dehumidifier is only extracting excess moisture so your fish are completely safe.

Can I drink the water from the container?

No. Although the water has been filtered it is not clean enough for drinking. However it can be used for watering plants, in a steam iron etc.

What if the dehumidifier dries the air too much?

Your dehumidifier will only remove excess moisture from the air, if there is no more moisture in the air the dehumidifier can’t collect it this will not dry the air out.

Would I need to run a dehumidifier all the year round?

Running a dehumidifier from early October until the spring is generally sufficient, as more moisture is generated during the winter months.. It’s also better to start using your Dehumidifier before the winter starts; this reduces the risk of moisture soaking into your walls. If you do start your dehumidifier part way through the winter, it is advisable to run it continuously for around 2 weeks to ensure your home is properly dried out.

How much water can I expect to take out?

90% of homes can produce 3- 5 pints per day, but every home is different. For example, it’s not unusual to find next door neighbours in almost identical homes with the same family size producing different amounts of moisture. There’s no hard and fast rule about how much moisture to take out, but you will soon know if your dehumidifier is working effectively as condensation will start to disappear and your home will feel much drier and healthier.

How does a Dehumidifier work?

The way a Dehumidifier works is similar to the way condensation forms on a cold window. A Dehumidifier contains a compact refrigeration system which makes it the coldest place in the house. Air is drawn into the Dehumidifier where any moisture in the air condenses on the hydrophilic coils and is then collected into the easy pour water container.

Why do I need a Dehumidifier?

If you regularly see condensation on your windows, or damp and mould spots in the corners of cold or rarely used rooms, the air in your home probably contains excess moisture. If you don’t do anything about it, this moisture can damage your carpets, curtains, furniture and even your walls. You need a Dehumidifier to remove this excess moisture before it becomes a serious problem.

Does the warranty cover parts and labour?

Yes, our warranty is comprehensive and covers both parts and labour. You must register your warranty within 28 days of the purchase date.

What size drum do I need?

Choosing the right drum size can save you time and money by reducing the number of wash loads, energy and water used each week. As a general guide a 6kg machine is suitable for 2 people, a 7kg machine is suitable for 2-3 people, an 8kg machine is suitable for 3-4 people and a 9kg machine is suitable for 4-5 people however this can depend on the frequency of your washing requirements.

What are the benefits of hot fill over cold only fill?

Hot fill offers faster wash cycles; lower running costs and prolongs the life of the heater element when compared to cold fill only machines.

Do I need any special plumbing to use hot fill?

No, all you need is a hot and cold water feed for the washing machine to be installed on to.

Can I use both hot and cold water supply to the machine?

Yes, we have a selection of models that will accept both hot and cold water supplied known as hot fill which is available across our range.

Does the machine have a half load button?

Our machines have precision 360 sensor technology that automatically calculates the exact amount of water and energy required to use for each load. This replaces the need for a manual half load button.

How long is the mains power cable?

The mains cable comes supplied with a 1.5m main cable with a plug.

How long is the drain hose supplied?

The machine comes supplied with a 1.5m drain outlet hose.

What is the maximum temperature?

Our machines all offer a maximum temperature of 90ºC.

Can I lock the control panel?

Yes, all controls can be locked by simply pressing and holding two buttons. Please refer to our instruction manual for the exact steps.

Does your washing machine have an extra rinse option?

Yes, our machines offer an additional extra rinse option that can be added to a standard wash cycle or a rinse only wash cycle.

Does your washing machine have a rinse hold option?

Yes, this option is available on our range of machines.

Can you add an item to the wash cycle once it has started?

Yes, if you pause the machine after it has started you will be able to open the door to add an extra item.

Is there a spin only option on your washing machines?

Yes, all machines offer a spin only option.

How many feet can you adjust?

Our machines have two front feet that can be adjusted up and down.

How do you access the pump filter?

To access the pump filter simply push down the front kick plate cover using the indents on each side to give you complete access. We even supply a 7″ drain hose to help you empty any excess water before opening the pump.

The display is showing an EO1 code what can I do?

EO1 suggests that the filter may be blocked, so in the first instance please refer to the instruction on how to clean the filter, as shown in your instruction handbook. Please remember to turn the dial back to the start position once this has been done to reset the error code. If this is unsuccessful please contact our customer services team on 0345 805 0000.

My clothes are still wet / the cycle has stopped with 12 minutes to go. What has gone wrong?

Nothing has gone wrong, in fact, this is the software within the machine doing exactly what it should do – protecting your machine and your clothes. All new washing machines, regardless of their make, now have to have some form of software to prevent the load from going out of balance. An unbalanced load only occurs when it has a mix of heavy absorbent items and light non-absorbent items or very few items in the load. To avoid this from happening, please try and fill the washing machine whenever possible or ensure that each load has items that are made from similar types of materials.

How do you remove the soap detergent drawer?

To remove the soap detergent drawer simply pull the drawer open and then press the small grey button in the centre of the softener compartment for a quick release.

Which wash cycle temperatures does hot fill work on?

Hot fill is available on the following programmes: Dark, Quiet, Allergy Care, Drum Clean, Mixed, Synthetic and Cotton Saver.

Can you add an item to the wash cycle once it has started?

Yes, if you pause the machine after it has started you will be able to open the door to add an extra item.

Can you pause the machine once the wash has started?

Yes, our machines have a pause function.

Do I use detergent with the drum clean cycle?

No, this programme is designed to be used without any detergent.

Can I stack your washing machine on top of a tumble dryer?

No, you can not stack an Ebac washing machine on top or underneath any other appliance.

Can I lock the control panel?

Yes, all controls can be locked by simply pressing and holding two buttons. Please refer to our instruction manual for the exact steps.

Can you turn the beep noise off at the end of the wash cycle?

Yes, all audio can be turned off, please refer to our instruction manual for exact steps.

What is the maximum temperature?

Our ECare+ machines all offer a maximum temperature of 90ºC.

Does the machine come with a digital inverter motor?

Yes, all ECare+ models have a digital inverter motor.

Is there a spin only option on your washing machines?

Yes, all ECare+ machines offer a spin only option.

What is the delayed start time?

The models in this range can be delayed for up to 24 hours in steps of 1 hour.


How do I apply a discount code?

You can apply any discount codes at the checkout stage. NHS discount codes can only be applied over the phone.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 30 day no-quibble money-back guarantee on all products.

Do you offer an appliance installation service?

Yes, we offer an installation service for our washing machines! Prior to delivery please make sure that the necessary water and electricity connections are available (hot and cold for hot fill models), and any old machines are uninstalled and cleared from the area.

Do you collect old appliances when delivering new ones?

Yes, we offer a disposal service for our washing machines.

How do I contact Ebac?

You can contact us in writing, by email or by telephone. (Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page).

How much does it cost to call Ebac?

Local rate call charges may apply (dependent upon network service provider).

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