Top Tips to consider when buying a dehumidifier

Don’t buy the wrong dehumidifier, mistakes can be expensive

There are so many different types of dehumidifier with different terminology, different brand, and different claims.

We will explain the 4 most important aspects of buying a dehumidifier.

Ebac’s Chairman and world leading dehumidifier expert John Elliott MBE DL will guide you through the key factors to consider when buying a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier Extraction Rates

For the majority of houses (with an occupancy of between 2 to 5 people) a dehumidifier with an extraction rating of between 12 and 20 litres will be more than sufficient.

If you have a particularly large house or more people living there then you may need a 25 litre dehumidifier.

All you need to extract…

  • 1 to 2.5 litres per day
  • for 2 to 5 occupants

Control System

Buy a dehumidifier with a control system that automatically adjusts inline with changing conditions. Ebac’s Smart Control automatically adjusts to deal with conditions as they change. Another solution would mean finding a manual humidistat that can be adjusted in 1% increments and has the appropriate switching differential.

The wrong control system could easily increase your running costs between £50 and £150 per annum.

Running Costs

Compressor dehumidifiers need about 50% of the electricity to run compared to desiccant dehumidifiers.

Desiccant dehumidifiers may take out more water, but compressor dehumidifiers take out more than enough and are much more economical.

Water Container

You handle the water container on a dehumidifier nearly every day, so make sure it’s fully enclosed with a handle. Some dehumidifiers have open tanks where it is very easy to spill the water.

All Ebac water containers are enclosed with a handle.