MVHR with controller

Home ventilation (MVHR) systems

Designed to offer a whole-house solution, MVHR systems improve overall internal air quality through the circulation of fresh, filtered air throughout the home.

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Focused on humidity only, dehumidifiers offer a targeted solution to dealing with damp, mould and condensation and improving the overall climate of your home by reducing humidity.

Encompassing solution for internal air quality

Home ventilation provides a 'whole-house' solution. Improving internal conditions through the removal of CO2, radon, particulate matter, humidity and other airborne pollutants.

Focused on reducing humditiy levels

Dehumidifiers offer an effective solution to reducing humidity levels within your home but do not tackle other indoor air quality issues.

Discreet and low maintenance

Installed in an attic or cupboard, ventilation systems are discreet and quiet. By nature, MVHR systems require minimal maintenance but Ebac Smart Control technology offers a self-sufficient solution.

Centrally positioned in the home

Required to be placed in a central location within the home, dehumidifiers need to be accessible in order to empty the water container and carry out regular filter changes.

Higher initial costs

Ventilation systems have a higher initial cost, but offer cost savings through energy use.

Low cost solution to tackling humidity

At a lower cost to buy, dehumidifier systems can be a simple cost effective solution.

Installation requirements

Connected to additional rooms in the building through ducting, ventialtion (MVHR) systems require installation.

Plug and play

Requiring no installation, dehumidifiers provide a quick, out of the box, option.

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