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Wash Less, Save More


Wash Less, Save More

It’s a household task that there’s no escaping, so choosing the right Washing Machine is an investment worth making.

Bigger Load Possibilities

Choosing The Right Drum Size

One of the most significant differences when it comes to Washing Machines is the size of their drum. Most models range in size from 5kg to 13kg. Measured from the number of clothes that can fit into the drum, drum size matters, so we need to know how big a model we need.

Ebac recommends choosing a Washing Machine with a drum that will not be a struggle to fill. Washing Machines work best when the drum is filled to each programme set limit. Whether it’s 2 or 6 people in the home, Ebac has a drum size that’s right for YOU!

Faster Washes, Less Fuss

What Is Spin Speed?

Spin Speed is measured in rpm and tells us how much the Washing Machine drum spins in one minute. Most models have a spin speed of around 1400rpm which means the drum spins 1,400 times per minute, but some reach up to 1800rpm.

A Washing Machine with a high Spin Speed will reduce the amount of water left in our clothes and therefore speed up the time it takes to get them dried. Here at Ebac, our Washing Machines are available with either a 1400 spin or 1600 spin.

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Less Vibration, Less Noise

What Is A Digital Inverter Motor?

Washing Machines with a Digital Inverter Motor have a smaller amount of moving parts than regular models. Through using strong magnets to spin the drum instead of belts, brushes or chains, friction in the motor is reduced. Having less friction makes the Washing Machine run much quieter and smoother. Not to mention, it’s built to be efficient.

The characteristic feature of Washing Machines with an Inverter Motor is, as we have said, quietness. All Ebac Washing Machines have a Digital Inverter Motor which offers more through doing less: less vibration and less noise.

Upgrade Your Wash

The Little Extras That Make All The Difference

Washing Machine technology is always improving, and there are a whole host of features to choose from but what you get varies with the brand and model.

Whether its clothes that are easier to iron, faster to clean or personalised to each load, we’ve got them all. All Ebac Washing Machines come complete with 24 settings so there really is something for everyone.

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Kinder, Greener Washes

Do I Need A A+++ Rated Machine?

Washing Machines must be rated either A+++ (most efficient), A++, A+, or A (least efficient).

Ebac’s constant strive for innovation means our Washing Machines keep resource to a minimum to ensure efficient operation and is how all our Washing Machines have been rated A+++! This means our Washing Machines will cost half what an A+ rated model would.

An A+++ rated model costs around £15. An A+ rated model costs around £30.

Discover our range of freestanding Washing Machine with capacities from 7kg to 9kg. With a Dual Fill option available for faster, greener washes and a 7 Year Parts and Labour Guarantee, we have a Washing Machine to suit YOU.

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Dual Fill Washing Machine

7 Year Warranty

Need Some Advice?

Find out everything you need to know and about Ebac washing machines with our washing machine advice page.

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