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Ebac, founded in 1972 is the UK's largest Manufacturer of Domestic Appliances!

Ebac is a true British manufacturer, by that we mean we actually manufacture our products in the UK at our factories in County Durham. We employ UK workers to design, engineer, produce, assemble, box and ship our goods around the UK and around the world.

Economic Fact - The number of UK companies manufacturing goods in Britain is overshadowed by imported goods. As a result, virtually all the wealth generated by the sale of imported goods goes straight back overseas. Worse still, the UK economy does not create the jobs that would otherwise be necessary to manufacturer these goods and so Britain becomes a non-manufacturing nation. This means a huge loss of potential manufacturing jobs.

With this in mind, founder John Elliott MBE placed Ebac into a foundation that is committed to keeping the business in the UK. The Ebac Foundation means that all profits are reinvested back into the business to generate growth, provide jobs and support local communities.

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The Ebac Foundation
Protecting UK Manufacturing Forever

In signing over all my shares to a trust allowed me to protect Ebac from ever being bought out to move its manufacturing overseas. It also means all profits are re-invested back into the growth of the business rather than being shared out amongst owners, stakeholders or shareholders.

We also manufacture the UK’s best selling domestic Dehumidifiers...
...and one of Europes largest water-cooler manufacturers with new products launching in the USA
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