7 Year Warranty on all Washing Machines

About Ebac Washing Machines

Ebac’s new Washing Machine range is different to all of the others. Perfect for busy families, those who are passionate about the environment, those who want to buy British, and in fact, just about anybody else! No matter what type of wash you are looking for, an Ebac washing machine can do them all!

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Fast Spin Speeds

With spin speeds of up to 1600rpm, Ebac washing machines guarantee your washing process will take less time as clothes will be as dry as they possibly can when you remove them. Get your loads done quickly and efficiently and carry on with your day.

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Large Drum Capacity

Kids uniforms, bedsheets and PE kits all to do in one day? Ebac washers can hold it all. Our machines are designed with large and extra large drum capacities to cater for large amounts of washing. Reduce your loads, save time and conserve energy with our 7kg, 8kg and 9kg washing machine collections.

Longer Programme Options

Each of our E-Care+ machines is built with 24 settings - whether you’re looking for a quick fix or something tougher, there’s an option to suit every load. Red wine from your party outfit, mud from the kids football kits, or paint from your very arty toddlers t-shirts - stubborn stains can be a pain to remove. Luckily, with our longer programmes you can give them time to soak and wash properly.

Perfect Wash Protection

All Ebac E-Care+ Washing Machines have Perfect Wash Protection, a clever sensing technology that prevents the drum spinning when a load that is too large, not large enough or is off-balance. This eliminates a risk of damage to your clothes due to excessive spin speeds. You can guarantee your garments will be washed to the highest quality in your Ebac washing machine.

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Essential for any parent, you can implement a number of safety measures to prevent your most vulnerable family members from being injured by a washing machine. Ebac washing machines come complete with a Child Lock that can be activated and deactivated with no trouble.

7 Year Warranty

We’re confident in our machines and their durability, but should you have any issues, each one comes with 7 year warranty with no additional costs. If you find you’re having any issues at all with your washers, simply call up our UK based customer service team and we’ll have the problem resolved in not time - trust us.

Quick Wash

Kids spilt dinner down their uniforms? Rushing out the gym and realised your kits still dirty from the night before? Forgotten to put the PE kits on in time? With our quick wash settings, you can wash and go in no time. Each Ebac machine features a number of time-efficient options, suitable for various materials and loads.

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InteliHC - Dual Fill

Our dual fill machines use even less water by using your own hot water supply rather than heating up cold water inside the drum. This not only saves you energy and money, but also contributes to keeping our planet healthy and happy. Alongside that, our E-Care+ washing machines are A+++ rated too!

Easy To Use

If you’re rushing round trying to get the kids to bed, make your tea and get a load of washing done at the same time, chances are you don’t have the time to be operating complex screens. Select a setting and start your Ebac machine with a simple press of a button. Our washers also feature an innovative ‘My Wash’ programme - an editable setting which you can personalise to easily kickstart your wash.


No more worrying about waking the baby with a noisy machine, or scaring the dog with the rattling of the drum - Ebac washers may be powerful, but they’re peacefully quiet to boot. The intricate build of our washing machines ensures the drum rolls smoothly, preventing shaking, banging and general noisiness from disturbing the harmony of your home

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Low Running Costs

To reduce our impact on the environment - and on your wallet - each of our washing machines are manufactured to have very low running costs. Energy usage, water levels and time spent using electricity will be kept to a minimum, resulting in a very efficient washing system.


We offer an excellent warranty on our washing machines, but we hope that you won’t ever have to use it. Each Ebac washing machine is built from the toughest materials, with highly durable doors, handles, drums and inner mechanisms. They’re strong, they’re sturdy, and most importantly they’re reliable.

Kind To Your Clothes

With an Ebac washing machine, you can wash with confidence. Our washers may be strong, but they’re smooth and careful with your clothing. With our multiple programmes you can wash all of your products - from cottons to wools to delicates - without the worry of stretching, shrinking and misshaping.

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